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Rich Content Editor Overview


The Rich Content Editor allows you to add special formatting to your text. Using this editor, you can bold, underline, change colors and fonts, and even insert videos and images.


Accessing the Rich Content Editor

You can find the Rich Content Editor almost anywhere you work with text in the Qualtrics platform. Below are some of the more common locations.

Question Text

The question text editor uses plain text by default. Click the Rich Content Editor tab on the top left of the editor to access rich text.


Changes in this Rich Content Editor are saved automatically. To exit the Rich Content Editor, click anywhere in the gray space outside of the Rich Content Editor window.

Choice Text

The choice text editor uses plain text by default. To access the Rich Content Editor, click on the choice text and then click the blue dropdown menu to access the Choice Options. Select Rich Content Editor from the list.


Survey Header and Footer

By default, the survey header and footer are written in plain text. Click Edit enter the Rich Content Editor.


Email Editor

By default, email messages are written using the Rich Content Editor.


General Message Editor

By default, library messages are written in the Rich Content Editor.


Inserting Rich Content

The Rich Content Editor is where you’ll go any time you need to insert media, tables, images, or other rich information into your text.


Types of Rich Content

image10Piped Text:
Display dynamic text that will change from respondent to respondent.
Include an image as part of your text.
Attach a file that respondents can download.
Embed video or audio clips.
Insert a special character into the text.
Insert an HTML table into the text.
Insert a link to another webpage into the text.

Formatting Rich Text

In addition to inserting rich content, the Rich Content Editor also has text formatting features that you can use to achieve any styling you need. Below are the available options.

Undo / Redo

You can reverse changes made within the Rich Content Editor by using the Undo and Redo buttons, or by using standard keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl + z and CtrlShiftz.


Text Alignment

With the Text Alignment options, you can align selected text to the right, center, or left. You can also increase or decrease indentation.


Numbered/Bulleted Lists

With these options, you can turn selected lines of text into a numbered or bulleted list.


Source View

The source view gives you access to the HTML behind your text, allowing you to make tweaks directly to the code itself.


Clear Formatting

The Clear Formatting option will remove all formatting from the selected text.


Font Styles

With these options, font size, style, and color can be adjusted for the selected text.


Rich Content Editor vs. Survey Theme

You might notice that formatting you specify in the Rich Content Editor sometimes does not appear in your actual survey.

In the Rich Content Editor, the words “highest level” have been bolded.

In the actual survey, all words are bolded.

This discrepancy can occur when the theme for your survey has styling that overrides what you set in the Rich Content Editor. In the example above, the survey theme specifies that all question text should be bold, making the bolding you do in the Rich Content Editor unnoticeable. Luckily, this is easy to address.

To change the default styles for your survey, head over to the Look & Feel and open the Fonts menu.


Select Change Question Text, and either specify new styling options or leave the styling options blank (this will clear existing default styles).

Qtip: Use default styles to your advantage. Rather than changing the font size or color on every single question, you can use this same fonts menu to set default styles that will apply to your entire survey.