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ExpertReview Functionality

What's on This Page:

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About ExpertReview

ExpertReview is a digital reviewer for your surveys. It helps a researcher ensure that their surveys collect data of the highest quality. ExpertReview has 3 major functions:

  • Measuring the data quality of the survey elements (questions, logic, quotas, etc.).
  • Recommending how users should improve those elements and providing documentation for research-based explanations on these recommendations.
  • Predicting the quality of the data that will be collected.

How to Use ExpertReview

There are several ways to access ExpertReview and use its recommendations.

As you’re building your survey, the system will evaluate your work, and you will see an iQ Score button with a rating. Click this button to open the ExpertReview menu.

image of the survey builder with the iQ Score from ExpertReview highlighted

You can also click Publish to analyze your survey with ExpertReview before you publish your survey.

image of the publish button in the survey editor

Qtip: If a question has an issue ExpertReview can help you resolve, it will have a warning icon on it. When you click the icon, it gives a summary of what needs to be fixed. Use the arrows on the menu to scroll between multiple recommendations.

Gray triangle with an exclamation mark in it - when hovered over or tabbed to it will start with the heading, "Recommendations"

Qtip: If you do not want ExpertReview recommendations in your survey, you can turn it off in the survey options. This feature can only be disabled survey-by-survey.

Menu Options

Once open, the ExpertReview menu will have the following options:

  1. Click View recommendations to see changes you can make before you publish.
    image of the expert review module when publishing a survey for the first time
  2. Along the left, the ExpertReview menu will navigate you through the types of issues you have to resolve. As you fix issues, they will be added to the “Passed” list, and your menu will automatically scroll you from severe, to moderate, to minor issues.
    The parts of the ExpertReview modal, explained. Start from menus of left, go back to top and work down entire middle/right of modal
  3. Below this, you can Filter by Issue Type. This includes Survey Error, Methodology, Compliance Assist (sensitive data you’ve requested) and Response Fraud.
  4. The ExpertReview Score shows how many issues you have to fix, in addition to a visualization of your score.
  5. Items without green checkmarks are parts of your survey that could be improved. As you resolve these issues, they will get green checkmarks and be moved out of the way to the Passed list.
  6. Click Learn More for articles that give step-by-steps on resolving common mistakes.
  7. Click Questions to see a list of questions with the issue indicated. You can click the question to see it in the survey.


What does ExpertReview check for?

ExpertReview makes recommendations based off of the following:

  • Methodology: Recommended best practices on how to build your survey in order to elicit the best data from your respondents.
  • Survey Errors: A check for common mistakes made during the survey building process that could cause your survey to not function properly.
  • Compliance: A check to verify that you are complying with WCAG accessibility requirements.
  • Sensitive Data Requests: Once a Brand Administrator sets up a Sensitive Data Policy, ExpertReview will flag sensitive data you are requesting in your survey.
  • Response Quality: A check for the overall quality of your data before you start analyzing it to ensure you have the highest quality data possible.
  • Fraud Detection: Detects fraudulent responses such as those submitted by bots or surveys taken on behalf of someone else. This feature is not available for all licenses.

Review the linked pages above to understand more deeply the specific items ExpertReview looks for.