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Screen Capture

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About Screen Capture

Attention: Website / App Feedback is a separate product from the Survey Platform. In order to use the screen capture feature, Website / App Feedback must be enabled/purchased for your account. If you do not have access and would like to purchase access or receive a demo, contact your Account Executive.

The screen capture question allows respondents to attach a screenshot of the site they are viewing when taking a survey through Website Feedback.

A pop over on the Qualtrics main site asking visitors to take a screen shot, with a button called capture screen

The screen capture question type allows respondents to illustrate where on the site they’re referring to and gives the ability for the respondent to highlight and blackout certain parts of their image. This makes it possible to see exactly what your website visitors are seeing when they give feedback on the site.

Attention: Screen capture only works on publicly accessible sites. Private, internal, and intranet pages won’t be able to use screen capture.

Implementing the Screen Capture Question

To implement the screen capture, you will need to make sure that both the survey and intercept are set up correctly.

Survey Set-Up

First, you’ll add the question directly to your survey.

  1. Add a new question to the survey you are creating in the Survey Platform by clicking Add new question.
    Creating a screen capture question
  2. Choose the Screen capture question type.
  3. Change the question text.
    Writing the text for the screen capture question

Creative & Intercept Set-Up

Next, in your Website Feedback project, make sure your creative and intercept are set up to display the survey correctly for respondents. There are two options for correctly setting up an intercept that uses the screen capture question:

  1. Use a creative with an embedded target on it. That way, the survey is embedded on the intercept and visible to visitors right away.
    Creative with an embedded target
  2. Or, if using a creative with a regular targetset the intercept’s target to open in an embedded window. This can be done inside the intercept by accessing an action set’s Advanced Options and selecting Open Target in an Embedded Window.
    The Options menu and then inside the advanced options, with open target in embedded window selected

These requirements are necessary as the respondent must be able to take the survey directly on the webpage where we will be capturing the screen. If the survey is opened in a new window, the survey would not be able to capture the screen of the original webpage.

The Respondent’s Experience

Now, let’s take a look at how your responders will interact with the screen capture question when they are taking your survey.

  1. In the survey, the screen capture question will prompt respondents to Capture Screen.
    A slider creative on a webpage with a survey embedded on it. The screen capture question is presented
  2. After clicking on the Capture Screen button, a screenshot of the current webpage they are viewing will appear in a window.
    A screenshot of the webpage with the option to highlight or black out on the bottom-left or the option to Save the screenshot on the bottom-right
  3. Respondents have the ability to block out certain content in their screenshot, such as sensitive information, using the black Blackout icon by moving the box and dragging it to the correct size, or highlighting certain aspects of the screenshot by using the yellow highlight icon.
  4. Once the screenshot has been modified to the respondent’s satisfaction, they can click the Save button.
  5. The respondent can view or annotate their screenshot by clicking on the image preview. They can also remove and resubmit the screenshot by clicking on the X within the preview.
    Instead of having a capture screen button, now there's a very small thumbnail of the screen with a click the image option and an X in the corner to be removed
  6. Once the respondent is satisfied with the screen capture, they can submit the survey.
Qtip: If you notice a prompt to Add File, instead of capturing the screen, you will need to make sure you have configured your intercept correctly to allow for screen capture functionality.

Viewing Captured Images

Now that you have added the screen capture question to your survey and collected some responses, it’s time to view the images your respondents attached. To do so, navigate to your survey project in the Projects page.

Viewing Response Reports

View an individual response report for individual responses and view the images on these reports.

  1. Go to the Data & Analysis tab.
    View response in the Data & Analysis tab
  2. Click the dropdown arrow in the Actions column on the far-right and select View Response.
  3. On the response report, scroll to the Screen Capture question, and view the image. Click the link to see the image in a larger window.
    A response report with a thumbnail of the screenshot

Downloading Individual Screenshots from the Data & Analysis tab

Create a column in your Data & Analysis tab populated with image links.

  1. Select the Tools menu, and hover over Choose Columns.
  2. Find the screen capture question from the list, hover over it, and select ID.
    In Data and Analysis, tools is dropped down, choose columns is highlighted, a screen capture question is highlighted, and options include ID
  3. Now, you’ll have a new column link in your table. Click on these links to download the image file.

Exporting All  Screenshots

Export your survey data using the User Submitted Files format.

User Submitted Files option from Download Data Table menu

This will give you a zipped folder named after the question number (e.g., Q1). Inside the zipped folder, each image is named after the Response ID of the person who took it. You can download the Response IDs as reference to CSV or TSV.

Exporting Images from the Results Section

It is also possible to quickly export all image files at once from the survey’s report or create a thumbnail column in a report table.

  1. Navigate to the Results section of the Reports tab.
    Results-Reports tab
  2. From the questions pane on the left side of the screen, select the screen capture question.
  3. A table will appear listing each image included. Click the Download all files button to download a .zip file containing each image you have collected.
    A table with file information. On the lower-right, a download all files button
  4. Alternatively, add a thumbnail column to this table by adding an additional column and choosing the Thumbnail option found under your screen capture question. Once the column has been added, click on the thumbnail images found in the column to view the image at full screen.
    Dropdown from add additional columns option selecting what file info to include


Analyzing Your Screen Capture Data

In addition to the methods listed above that let you view the screenshot, you can build a table or export a CSV of screen capture data. This data analysis functions exactly the same as it does for the file upload question.