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B2B CX for account management

A prescriptive approach to operationalising best-in-class Customer Experience programs for B2B organisations.

This playbook is intended to guide you and your company through the decisions that will help accelerate the decision-making process throughout implementation and the expansion of your program. It focuses on B2B organisations and Account Management for sales and customer success organisations.

In this playbook, you will find tips and prescriptive guidance that will help you accelerate program design while leveraging best practices that inform all stages of Customer Experience program development starting from feedback gathering, sampling strategy, and closing the loop to insights distribution across different levels within the organisation.

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This playbook offers the following benefits:

  • Expert-designed program content and methodology With best practices and expert
    guidance packaged in a ready to execute blueprint and program design, clients draw from
    benefits of a tried and tested approach to attain and demonstrate quick wins within the
  • Accelerated time to value We enable you to customize at an attainable pace. This
    playbook is designed to decrease barriers to entry by allowing you to start small and scale
    depending on your organization’s readiness.
  • Cross-functional focus Improve customer satisfaction and enhance customer lifetime
    value by understanding the end to end experience with the organization, as well as with
    individual touchpoints, and prioritizes the CX improvements that have the biggest impact
    on the business.
  • Unified insights for meaningful action We enable B2B organizations to review the
    best practices associated with combining Operational data with Experience data,
    including integrations with other data sources (such as Salesforce, C4 Sales Cloud,
    Google Analytics, etc.) in order to determine the customer profile and identify up-sell
    and cross-sell opportunities.

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