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How IT leaders are preparing their organisations for uncertain times

Discover what IT leaders are focusing on for 2023, including how prioritising organisational agility, streamlining data management, and enhancing operational efficiencies can drive productivity in a company.

Based on a Qualtrics XM Institute study of 663 senior IT leaders around the world, this report gives you a glimpse of what peers are focusing on and how to best prepare for uncertain times.

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Highlights from the research include:

+ IT leaders plan to increase organisational agility. Eighty-nine percent of IT leaders say that it’s ‘extremely’ or ‘very important’ for their organisation to improve its ability to respond to unexpected events, ranging from 97% of Mexican IT leaders to 83% of IT leaders in Japan.

+ High-performing companies see the need for significant adjustments. IT leaders from organisations with above-average growth are at least 12 percentage points more likely to say that they need to ‘significantly’ or ‘moderately’ make changes to their brand messaging, products and services, employee interactions, and customer interactions compared to leaders from organisations with at or below average growth.

+ IT leaders see improving data management as a key area of focus. Half of respondents cited ‘improving data quality and management’ as a critical area of focus. It’s a top three area of focus for Brazilian, French, German, UK, and US IT leadership. The only other area of focus cited more frequently is ‘improving operational efficiency within IT’ at 60%.

+ Data quality and privacy are at risk in current data storage systems. Over half of IT leaders think that data quality and data privacy are potential risks of disconnected experience data. Meanwhile, 71% of organisations store their experience data in disparate spreadsheets and databases ‘a lot’ or ‘all of the time’, and just 10% of organisations manage their experience data in a single repository

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