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Harnessing AI to elevate your customer experience

The latest innovations in generative AI have made the future of CX a reality. CX leaders are harnessing AI to make hyper-intelligent decisions, foster more meaningful connections and take decisive, real-time actions that create unmatched customer experiences.

However, at each phase of AI transformation, organizations are faced with the challenge of ensuring customer comfort in this uncharted landscape.

Access this session to hear how more than 100 CX leaders are navigating this wave of AI transformation. Plus, see Qualtrics’ AI features in action and how the XM Platform can fuel innovation across your organization.

Listen to this webinar to learn:

  • How to overcome common challenges to successful AI adoption
  • How to find the right balance between CX outcomes and customers’ comfort with new AI technology
  • How Qualtrics has embraced generative AI to deliver enhanced CX features that keep you focused on what matters most—your customers

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Picture of Ellen Loeshelle

Ellen Loeshelle

Director of Product Management, Intelligence Platform

Ellen leads the Qualtrics Intelligence Platform product team where
she drives the strategy for analytics and NLP products. She is an established thought leader in language technologies and experience management. Ellen has built her career by developing strong, respected teams, and innovative products that redefine the status quo in
existing markets.

Picture of Manisha Powar

Manisha Powar

Director of CX Product Management

Manisha Powar leads the Frontline CX Product Management team in Seattle, WA. She started as a software engineer at Microsoft working on the Windows platform. After moving to product management, Manisha spent over 15 years building zero-to-one products like the first cloud service offering of Microsoft Dynamics365 CRM, Windows applications, and high-scale web offerings like Microsoft News and At Meta, she was part of the Developer Platform team that established the rigor of API and user permission reviews across the company.

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