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Deliver digital customer
experiences that
drive results

Bring together experience data, behavioral heuristics, and journey optimisation to eliminate guesswork. Measure, visualise, and improve digital experiences at scale that are optimised for the metrics that matter most to your business.

frontline digital customer funnel


Make data analysis accessible to all

Leverage interactive dashboards to answer key business questions to create seamless digital experiences that drive customer engagement and loyalty.

  • Use natural language queries to interact with your data, asking questions as you would a human expert, revealing deeper insights effortlessly
  • Leverage dynamic AI analysis fine-tuned with use case-specific models to instantly transform complex data into clear, actionable recommendations without the need for specialised analytical skills
  • Make data analysis accessible to everyone, empowering every team member to unlock insights, not just the data experts


Hear from customers directly in the moments that matter

Make sense of mountains of data in seconds, giving your teams the insights they need to create digital experiences that convert and grow revenue.

  • Gather timely feedback from customers through pop-ups or surveys built directly into your website & app pages
  • Leverage Qualtrics AI to increase survey depth and uncover hidden insights faster than ever
  • Use your feedback data to drive action and ensure digital insights get to the teams who can take action to close experience gaps


Identify and close digital experience gaps

Increase conversions and reduce cost-to-serve by monitoring & acting on every digital movement your customers make while maintaining customer privacy.

  • Supplement survey data by monitoring digital behavior and identifying friction points
  • Leverage capabilities like session replay, heatmaps, and funnels to visualise where friction points are occurring and learn why
  • Quantify the impact of broken digital experiences down to each specific issue, ensuring your teams are focused on the highest priority items
  • Keep customer privacy first with capabilities that allow you to block PII capture and allow you to stay compliant with regulations for GDPR, Fedramp, and more
Frontline digital dashboard on computer


Personalise digital customer journeys

With Qualtrics customer journey optimisation, you can take your customers where they want to go—in the fastest and most profitable way.

  • Deliver insights at speed by using behavioral data and advanced analytics to visualise cross-channel customer journeys for individuals and segments and identify key friction points
  • Increase customer acquisition, loyalty, and lifetime value with personalised, omni-channel journeys that prioritise the experiences and interactions that align to customer desires and your business goals
customer flow graph

Value Calculator

Bad digital experiences can cost millions. See how much they’re costing you.

Use our Experience Value At Risk (xVAR) calculator to estimate the impact that broken or unsatisfactory experiences are having on your business-critical metrics like customer acquisition, customer spend, and cost to serve.

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Personalise experiences with zero party data

Limit your dependency on third-party data and fuel your personalisation programs by using zero-party data to stay close to your customers and remove the guesswork from

  • Understand customer preferences in the context of their digital experience, without relying on first and third party cookies
  • Enrich customer XiD profiles, identify target segments to deliver personalised experiences
  • Increase customer engagement and generate leads with targeted email campaigns, in-product interactions, and website and app promotions
survey on website


Launch digital experiences
with confidence

Launch new digital experiences with greater certainty they’re going to land with customers. With market-leading research tools, you can place your customer at the centre of your digital programs and design smart, empathetic customer experiences.

  • Continually optimise your digital properties and validate every choice you make with XiD customer segments
  • Make data-backed decisions by testing out new features,
    qualitative and quantitative feedback, part of our Strategy & Research product
  • Ensure your digital transformation is a success at launch and is in service to your customers
video analysis


Enable smart customer

Reduce operational costs and increase customer satisfaction by empowering customers to find solutions through self-serve channels.

  • Identify areas of friction and guide customers towards a positive outcome by reaching out on the right channel, at the right time
  • Visualise entire customers journeys and identify issues preventing people from self-serving within digital channels
  • Measure and improve content effectiveness by listening to feedback across support articles
text analysis dashboard

Upgrade your programs simply with flexible, scalable pricing plans

More about digital customer experience

Digital customer experience refers to how customers engage and interact with your brand online. It includes online platforms across mobile and desktop, and digitally-mediated experiences such as owned apps and social media content. It also extends to digitally-connected environments like IoT and voice-activated devices. Ultimately wherever your customers are engaging with your brand through the internet, it’s a digital experience.

Digital customer experience refers to the digital experience within a customer journey including an users’ experience with a website, mobile, social media or apps.

The customer experience refers to the the entire relationship and experiences between a brand and its customers, all in-person and digital experiences.

Digital customer experience software enables brands to optimise the digital part of the customer journey – including website, mobile, social media and apps – by deeply understanding customers, identifying insights and delivering personalised experiences.

Qualtrics digital CX software enables brands to deliver digital experiences that resonate emotionally and also improve conversion rates, revenue, and digital containment.