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Innovate with speed, agility, and confidence

Succeeding and scaling in high tech demands high-velocity innovation, remarkable agility, and decision confidence rooted deeply in customer empathy. Teams across high tech choose Qualtrics to design, build, and ship the products and experiences that are indispensable to the way we live, work, play, and learn.

Technology leaders are standardising on Qualtrics

The volume, velocity, and variety of data available to every technology company has made it possible to take nearly any action, anywhere, anytime.

Yet, too often, teams build products and experiences on the basis of extrapolated behavioural data, outdated models, or inadequate heuristics. This creates business risk – dissatisfied customers churn, unhappy employees depart, innovation stagnates, and growth and transformation grind to a halt.

High-performing tech companies know that sustained innovation requires a deep customer empathy, an obsessive focus on feedback, and a hyperawareness of real-time customer and employee sentiment.

Tech leaders are standardising on the Qualtrics Experience Management platform – to design, build, and deliver the remarkable products, brands, and experiences that move our world forward.

See Experience Management in Action at Microsoft, Atlassian, and Riot Games.

Qualtrics is changing the way organisations design and improve breakthrough customer, brand, product, and employee experiences.

Qualtrics Customer XM™

Create engaging experiences that delight and disrupt

Become hyperaware of opinion and sentiment. Deliver seamless experiences that drive engagement, prevent churn, and lead to revenue expansion.

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Three benefits of CustomerXM

  1. Increase customer retention thanks to powerful analytics that surface the key drivers of retention and recommend the actions to take.
  2. Understand the experience across every channel with real-time feedback from over 120 sources and integrations into your existing tech stack.
  3. Act quickly to close experience gaps with automated actions and workflows that turn insights into action.
Accounts at risk report

Know exactly how to retain customers

Uncover trends, patterns and key drivers of customer loyalty with iQ, our predictive intelligence engine. Access prescriptive insights, instantly – so you can focus on the areas that will maximise impact.

XM integrations

Integrate with your existing software

Meet customers where they are and capture real-time feedback in the moments that matter. With 27 channels and 128 data sources feeding into one platform, our integrations provide a complete view of what customers are thinking and feeling.

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Get insights to teams that take action

Automatically route recommended actions to the right teams, in the tools they use, so they can take the steps that will improve customer satisfaction, spend, and loyalty.

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Qualtrics Product XM™

Be accurate and agile in product development

Bring customers into product development. Shorten dev cycles, quantify revenue opportunities, eliminate guesswork, and build breakthrough products.

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Three benefits of ProductXM

  1. Put customers at the heart of your product roadmap with customer signals and insights that feed straight into the development process.
  2. Pivot quickly and react to changing customer needs with real-time insights into customer behaviour and sentiment.
  3. Maximise engagement and revenue with powerful analytics that model the impact of your product updates and improvements.
Initial product reaction chart

High-value insights for high-velocity decisions

Persistently sense and analyse customer signals to surface insights and make decisions that move the product development process - and your business - forward.

Market share and feature importance report

Real intelligence for remarkable agility

Develop hyperawareness of human sentiment, feedback, and behaviour that gives your dev and eng teams the insight they need to know to stay the course – or to turn on a dime.

Demographic breakdown report

Deep analytics that reveal right answers

Identify patterns in structured and unstructured data using machine learning, AI, and natural language processing – so your teams can make product and feature decisions that maximize engagement and revenue.

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Qualtrics Brand XM™

Build brands that people can’t live without

Create inspired, innovative brands that people engage with, trust, and love. Link brand and business outcomes to know where and how to invest.

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Three benefits of BrandXM

  1. Grow your brand and increase revenue with real-time intelligence into everything from brand perception to customer segmentation.
  2. Improve the impact of your marketing spend by understanding how your brand messages are performing for different segments and across different channels.
  3. Respond quickly to disruption with real-time data on your competitors and your market and automatic alerts when your brand KPIs move.
Brand experience dashboard

Amplify and act on customer voices

Hear and take action on the voices, beliefs, and opinions of the consumers for whom you want to grow your brand. Become and stay a brand that people look to, trust, and love.

XM customer directory

Know the right brand messages and moves

Capture and act on real-time signals at the brand touchpoints that matter - from advertising to social to CX. Integrate experience data with operational data from across the business. Know where, when and how to amplify – or change – your brand messages and moves.

MusiQ funnel chart

Build your brand using deep analytics

Drive relevance – and revenue – with actionable brand intelligence within use cases like brand tracking, marketing effectiveness, segmentation, and message testing.

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Qualtrics Employee XM™

Engage your innovators to create incredible impact

Listen at scale. Know what keeps your people empowered and engaged – and what keeps them with you. Build an experience that enables everyone on your team to do the best work of their lives.

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Three benefits of EmployeeXM

  1. Reduce attrition with predictive analytics that act as an early warning system so you can step in and fix broken experiences for your people.
  2. Improve engagement and productivity with real-time data for every people manager and recommended actions to help them improve the experience for their teams.
  3. Develop your people with insights into the areas you need to invest in to accelerate their growth and improve how they serve your customers.
Employee experience dashboard

Build an early warning system

Get proactive insights on groups at risk of attrition, burnout, and declining performance. Use predictive analytics and machine learning to spot and prioritise anomalies before they impact employee engagement and business velocity.

Security accreditation logos

Keep your people data safe and available

Benefit from our Defense-in-Depth approach to security and industry-leading data privacy and employee anonymity. With our 24x7 Security Operations Center, powerful GDPR controls and certifications including ISO 27001, HITRUST and FedRAMP, your employee experience data couldn’t be safer.

Employee sentiment report on mobile phone

Build empathy, take action, enable growth

Show deep empathy for every employee’s voice. Listen to – and consistently act on – what matters to your builders, makers, and doers. Help your people grow, build and accelerate your business, and become – and stay – a destination for incredible talent.

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