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How to use creativity and innovation to design breakthrough experiences

In his time as Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney, Duncan Wardle and his teams designed breakthrough experiences for millions of people. From films to theme parks, they made the impossible possible, putting customers first as they explored innovative new ways to drive engagement.

In this live 60-minute session, Duncan will share the secrets to his success in fostering a culture of innovation, and share how you can make it part of your daily routine and enable your teams to push the boundaries to design the experiences people want next.

What you’ll learn:

  • How innovation and creativity are the essential ingredients of Disney magic

  • Tips for enabling your teams to become more innovative

  • Simple ways to apply creativity to every day

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Picture of Duncan Wardle

Duncan Wardle

As well as being former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney, Duncan is a multiple Ted X speaker and contributor to Fast Company, Forbes & the Harvard Business Review.

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