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Being bold enough to be relevant

To stand out, brands need to be in-tune with cultural trends and find ways to authentically be part of the conversation. Author Jim Stengel and Andrea Zahumensky, CMO at KFC, discuss how being agile and brave is the best way to be relevant and how KFC is pulling it off.

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Picture of Andrea Zahumensky

Andrea Zahumensky


Andrea Zahumensky has been serving as the Chief Marketing Officer at KFC-US since 2017. Her bold approach to marketing and her philosophy of “nothing great happens when you’re comfortable” has seen the brand go from strength to strength during her tenure.

Picture of Jim Stengel

Jim Stengel

The CMO Podcast
Former Global CMO

Jim Stengel is the former CMO of P&G and is the CEO of The Jim Stengel Company. He is an author and host of the CMO Podcast, a unique look at the thought process and motivation of the CMO.

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