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XM Live Amsterdam

Discover the power and ROI of being a human-centric business

16th May 2023 // 9am-4pm // De Hallen Studios, Amsterdam

Get the inside story on how the world’s most profitable and beloved brands are focusing on one thing: being more human. In 2023, experience management is touching down in the Benelux once more – and we’re going bigger than ever. Expect global brands, industry leaders and the latest thought leadership, plus the chance to connect with other experienced pioneers in the region.

Thank you for your interest in this event, unfortunately the event is now finished. Keep an eye out for our next event!

XM Live Amsterdam

Join us for The Benelux’s largest Experience Management (XM) event of 2023 to hear from ING, TUI, ASML, PROXIMUS, BAIN & COMPANY, LOOP EARPLUGS, BDR THERMEA, PURATOS and more about their approaches to XM. You’ll also hear GREG CHASE from the QUALTRICS XM INSTITUTE, on simple steps you can take to stay close to changes in your market, and respond quickly and effectively.

It’s the largest Experience Management event of 2023, and attendance is free, so make sure you register now so you don’t miss out.

  • Connect with 250+ other experience leaders and hear how they’re tackling today’s biggest challenges

  • Join one of our in-depth and interactive breakouts, including customer and employee experience.

  • Hear from the XM Institute and our leading strategists on how to lead with empathy and deliver superior experiences

  • Get a first-look at the latest innovations in employee and customer experience technology

We’re excited to return to Amsterdam once again, after our event in 2022 received a CSAT score of 4.7/5. Ready to join us?


09.00 – 10.00 | Registration & Breakfast

10.00 – 11.45 | Main Stage Keynotes

+ ERIK DE MUINCK KEIZER, QUALTRICS: Join our EMEA Head of North to explore the power of human connection, and how the world’s most successful companies are winning on experience. We’ll showcase how brands rethink their customer frontlines to create better, more personalised omnichannel experiences, and why empathy remains key to driving retention and engagement in your workforce.


+ SABINA CARLHEIM-GYLLENSKIOLD, QUALTRICS: Get a first look at some of our newest innovations and how they deliver value to your business. From conversational analytics to the ability to orchestrate seamless customer journey; tools to help managers be the best they can be, to giving everyone in your organisation access to the customer insights that will drive you forward.

+ GREG CHASE, XM INSTITUTE: To thrive in today’s environment, you need build both agility and empathy. Join Greg to learn how you can tap into Experience Management to build resilience and outpace your competitors during fast-changing times.


12.00 – 12.45 | Lunch

13.00 – 14.30 | CX Breakout

+ LEONIE BROWN, QUALTRICS: It’s no secret that a more engaged frontline means a better customer experience, but most companies struggle to realize the true value of a combined approach. We’ll explain how to connect the dots, so you can keep your employees engaged and customers happy for maximum impact on the bottom line.

+ OTTO VROEGOP & SACHIN GOREGAOKER, QUALTRICS: Explore a new operating model that’s helping companies build deeper, more sustainable relationships with their customers. With data from our recent groundbreaking study of 60,000 people globally, this is how you break down silos in your organisation and get everyone moving in the same direction.



13.00 – 14.30 | EX Breakout

+ JAKE OUTRAM, QUALTRICS: Traditional EX programs deliver great value, but are they evolving fast enough? Explore the features and practices of modern EX management that drive enterprise-wide transformation.

+ JOOST HOUTMAN & WOJTEK KUBIC, QUALTRICS: Explore the connections between employee and customer experience, and see how you improve both in tandem. With data from our recent groundbreaking study of 60,000 people globally, this is how you break down silos in your organisation and get everyone moving in the same direction.



15.00 – 17.00 | Networking Reception


Bob Tullemans // Regional Vice President, Qualtrics

Bob joined Qualtrics to lead the business in the Benelux region. He is skilled at building high-performing teams and passionate about ensuring they have a clear vision to drive growth with a ‘can-do’ mindset. Bob has worked at companies including Heineken, P&G and Salesforce, with strong international experience having worked in Congo, Australia, Geneva and France.

Kaya van Enckevort // Strategic Accounts Director, Qualtrics

Kaya is a Strategic Accounts Director at Qualtrics. She’s passionate about helping businesses understand how experience management applies to, and can accelerate their growth. Having helped start the first International expansion of Qualtrics 9 years ago with a focus on supporting the Benelux region, she has seen the market ánd organisations in our region go through several stages of Experience Management maturity where now the Benelux is really recognising the importance and impact.

Greg Chase // XM Catalyst, Qualtrics XM Institute

Greg Chase has led the successful design, development, and implementation of innovative global customer experience, culture transformation, and employee experience strategies centered around operationalising experience and operational data to achieve greater business results. Greg has presented keynote speeches on experience management around the world and in 2019 was named one of Loyalty 360’s Top 10 Most Influential Individuals in Customer Experience & Loyalty.

Otto Vroegop // CX Solution Strategist, Qualtrics

Lucie Vottova // Global Head of Employee Insights, ING

Joost Houtman // Employee Experience Strategy Director Nordics and Benelux, Qualtrics

Erik de Muinck Keizer // Head EMEA North, Qualtrics

Fabian Kortekaas // Director Customer Experience, TUI

Jake Outram // EX Scientist, Qualtrics

More Speakers to be announced //




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16 May 2023

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9.00 AM – 3.30 PM


De Hallen Studios, Amsterdam

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