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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Experience Management

Experience Management, but smarter

Make sense of mountains of data in seconds. Free your teams from tedious manual tasks, react in real-time to changing markets, behavior and sentiment, and empower your teams to keep your customers and people happy. This is Experience Management (XM) with generative AI.

Contact center agent interacting with a customer, showing how AI can be used to draw quicker insights.

The next generation of Experience Management

Meet XM/os2 — our newest release that puts AI at the foundation of XM
to help you deliver more breakthrough experiences, to more customers and employees.

Discover the Future of XM with Qualtrics AI

Explore an innovative roadmap of Qualtrics AI-powered advancements in XM across four scenarios. Connect with your Qualtrics Account Executive for further details.

Evolution of the XM Platform

Ellen Loeshelle, Director of AI Product Development, Qualtrics

Discover how Qualtrics AI enhances the XM/os2 platform using a vast collection of human sentiment and experience data, along with expertly trained models. This powerful combination delivers personalized, human-like experiences at scale.

AI power segments

The Future of Market Research

Jill Larson, Chief Product Officer for Strategy & Research, Qualtrics

Learn how Qualtrics AI helps market researchers find insights, themes, and actionable recommendations faster than ever before with new upcoming features like Video Feedback with AI Summarization and Research Hub.

AI capabilities helping identify trends for market research purposes

Transform Customer Experiences

Fabrice Martin, Chief Product Officer for Customer Frontlines, Qualtrics

Dive into the world of next-level customer experience with Qualtrics AI leading the way. Discover how our technology empowers frontline representatives to truly listen and respond to customer needs, while providing contact center agents with the cutting-edge tools they require for exceptional performance. Qualtrics is driving a CX revolution like never before.

AI in customer frontlines product drawing insights and making recommendations about customer interaction

Empower Employee Experience

Paul Mayfield, Chief Product Officer for People Teams, Qualtrics

Qualtrics AI empowers managers to deeply understand team feedback and provides personalized insights and recommended actions predicted to have the greatest impact on positive team outcomes. Managers can track the impact of actions on their teams in real-time without waiting for the next survey results.

Manager Assist Chatbot providing insights on well-being scores

Fuel your knowledge

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Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI in XM – Here’s how it can help

Our AI solutions are making it quicker and easier for organisations to deliver amazing experiences at scale, and they’re reaping the rewards.

Quality Management

Automatically and intelligently evaluate every customer interaction and objectively score it against the behaviors you want to see. You’ll know how every agent is doing, when to intervene and what levers to pull to improve the experience
at scale.

Agent productivity alerts

Continuous Employee Listening

Listen to what your employees are saying — wherever they’re saying it — and understand how they feel, so you can surface hidden insights and targeted actions to improve the experiences you deliver.

Employee satisfaction drivers graph

Real-time Agent Assist

Our AI is your contact center agent’s best friend. It listens to every interaction, understands how your customers feel, and guides your teams on the best way to respond as the interaction unfolds. Efficient personal service, every time.

AI generated actions

Experience the power of insight

Deliver breakthrough experiences with these suites of Qualtrics products

XM for Customer Frontlines - Care

Deeply understand customers, and create a personal service experience that keeps every customer happy — all while reducing the cost to serve.

Customer information dashboard

XM for People Teams - Analytics

Say goodbye to guesswork. With real-time, AI-powered analytics, insights, and predictive modelling, uncover what influences engagement, causes attrition, and drives business performance, so you always focus on the things that matter to your people and bottom line.

Team engagement ratings