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By using Qualtrics and a little early morning coffee, JetBlue boosted its Net Promoter® Score by 12 points in one year. At JetBlue, a one point increase means an extra five to eight million dollars in annual revenue. You do the math.

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Customer Experience

Exceed expectations every leg of the journey
  • Post-flight satisfaction surveys
  • Ad-hoc passenger feedback
  • NPS®
  • Real-time, closed-loop feedback
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NPS (Net Promoter Score)

With Qualtrics’ Bain-Certified NPS questions, you can combine in-moment and long-term passenger satisfaction feedback, creating a more complete vision of the passenger experience.

Relational & Transactional CSAT

Capture passenger satisfaction related to individual customer transactions or overall customer satisfaction.

Ad-Hoc Research

Perform rapid, ad-hoc research and run experiments as quickly as you can think of them.

Real-Time, Closed-Loop Feedback

Immediately relay passenger feedback to the employees who can take action.

Post-Flight Satisfaction Surveys

Track and compare your passenger’s satisfaction regarding their pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight experience.

Dynamic Dashboards & Native Text Analytics

With dynamic, role-based dashboards the right people can visualise the data they need in real time on any device.

Website Booking Feedback & Optimization

Engage users to understand exactly what they are looking for, then provide the targeted promotions, offers, and invitations necessary to boost ticket sales.

Mobile Booking Feedback & OPTIMISATION

Interact with users on their mobile device as they research your airline, then provide the targeted invitations and experiences that drive greater engagement.

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Market Research

Deliver what your passengers really want
  • Passenger preference research
  • Frequent flyer program assessment
  • Online purchase driver analysis
  • Airline competitive benchmarking
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Conjoint Analysis

Understand the value your customers attach to unique products and services offered by your airline. Leverage highly valued features to optimise the customer experience without breaking the bank.

Market Segmentation

Track customer behavior across unique segments such as loyalty tier, spend tier, or traveler type. Tailor actions based on the value associated with each segment.

Psychographic Surveys

Take your level of customer understanding beyond "who is buying" to truly understand "why they are buying." Dive into the lifestyle, behaviours, and habits that influence customer purchase decisions.

A/B Testing

Test new features or processes to quickly understand how they can positively impact the customer experience. Test throughout the entire journey and across every channel.

Product Development

Gather customer feedback on new products early in the development cycle to save time and money.

Brand Tracking

How is your brand perceived across the unique consumer segments that make up your customer base? Easily track brand perceptions to capitalise on strengths while addressing weaknesses.

Market Trends

Which direction is your industry headed in terms of processes, products, and services? Keep a pulse on industry and market trends to keep your company ahead of the curve.


Understanding what, where, and why your customers are buying allows you to better meet passenger needs and attract additional business.

Competitive Benchmarking

Put everything into perspective by gaining an understanding of where you stand in relation to your key competitors. Capitalise on key business differentiators and identify gaps in products and service.

Online & Mobile Booking Research

Understand what travelers prefer during the booking process and why segments behave differently online. Deliver the features and options digital consumers want so you can increase bookings.

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Employee Insights

Happy employees
equal happy customers.
Any questions?
  • Employee engagement programs
  • Employee 360s
  • Onboarding feedback
  • Exit interviews
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Employee 360's

Build a better workforce with fast and customisable 360 employee reviews.

Employee Engagement

Discover what truly motivates your employees so you can improve and grow your business from the inside-out.

Employee Insight

Discover how passionate your employees are about their work and how proud they are to work for your company. Qualtrics makes it easy to grow your business from the inside out.

Onboarding Feedback

See how to improve and tailor the onboarding process so every employee hits the ground running and easily integrates.

Exit Insights

Learn why employees leave and pinpoint areas for improvement that can help retain and build a stronger workforce.

Ad-Hoc Employee Surveys

Qualtrics gives you the flexibility to ask any employee any question at a moment’s notice.

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Welcome to the Experience Management PlatformTM

Four applications to manage the four key experiences of business

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Delight customers at every touchpoint. Monitor, respond and improve every interaction along the customer journey.

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Uncover product needs, prioritise features, and predict market trends.

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Drive employee excellence by measuring and optimising every stage of the employee lifecycle.

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Increase brand equity, test and improve advertising, and identify your essential brand drivers.

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