Weekly Product Release Notes - June 17, 2020

KatharineSKatharineS Seattle, WACommunity Administrator Administrator

Weekly Product Release Notes - June 17, 2020

Entries that are bolded indicate recent product updates. To submit your own support page update requests or feedback, please use the Feedback intercept you can find on the support site.


  1. Matrix Table Question: Heavily revised, data outputs corrected.
  2. Survey Library: Revised for clarity, accuracy. Special callout for Qualtrics library.

CX Dashboards

  1. B2B Command Center: Pull Salesforce data into a CX dashboard for viewing B2B account health. Add on feature to CX licenses with Salesforce access. 
  2. Dashboard Notifications: Steps updated to reflect UX changes. Sample window replaced with sample size, reference window defaults to the timeframe implied by chosen frequency.
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