Announcing the Qualtrics Community Rank & Rewards Program

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Announcing the Qualtrics Community Rank & Rewards Program

You all have been hard at work in the community providing quality code solutions and supporting each other with finding solutions to complex issues, and we want to be able to thank you for all of your hard work. That’s why we are officially announcing the Qualtrics Community Rank & Reward Program!

You may have noticed by now that you can achieve different ranks within the community depending on the amount of points that you have accumulated. This rank will display on your profile and next to your name whenever you post. They go as follows:

  • Qubie ✭: 0-99 points
  • Guru ✭✭: 100-499 points
  • Sage ✭✭✭: 500-999 points
  • Superuser ✭✭✭✭: 1000-2499 points
  • Wizard ✭✭✭✭✭: 2500+ points

Now, when you hit the Guru and the Superuser levels, you will earn some snazzy Qualtrics Community swag!

Guru: 1 Qualtrics Community t-shirt, 1 water bottle, and 1 keychain

Superuser: Qualtrics Community Patagonia fleece

How It Works

Once you hit the Guru or Superuser rank, myself or @LaurenK will reach out to you within two weeks via a direct message in the community where we will ask you your sizing information and shipping address. Of course, you can always direct message us first if you are eager to get the swag in your hands - we don’t blame you. :)

A few rules: you can only achieve the swag for each level once. We will go back and retroactively reward swag to users who have already hit each of these levels. And most importantly, no cheating! For this reason, users with trial accounts are not eligible for the rewards. While we have safeguards in place to prevent this from happening, administrators retain all rights to determine if someone has gamed their way to a reward. Don’t be that person - that isn’t fun for anyone. We will only send your swag once if you are international. When asked, please provide us with an address that UPS can easily deliver to - we highly recommend a work address, as we will only send your swag shipment once. :smile:

Now, since I know that you may be wondering this, here are a few ways that you can earn points:
1. Answer a question. (1 point - The point is only given for your first answer to a question.)
2. Get an “Accepted” answer. (10 points)
3. Earn a badge. (Varies)

And more! (Like our competitions that we periodically run.)

We hope you all are as excited about this as we are! Thank you all for being here!


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