Closed-Loop CX

Closing the loop with customers

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Act on customer feedback quickly and turn detractors into promoters. With automated ticketing, root cause analysis and resolution tracking across the web, SMS, Slack and many more, you’ll be able to act fast to resolve issues and reduce customer churn.

Closing the loop with customers who had a bad experience is as easy as:

  1. Ask for customer feedback via surveys, chat or other channels

  2. Analyse feedback responses

  3. Flag negative responses, using automated rules and criteria

  4. Create a ticket and route to the right team member via helpdesk software and chat integrations

  5. Close the loop with the customer

Qualtrics - Mobile app for closed loop customer followup

Go from feedback to resolution in no time

Automatic triggers let you take action at scale

Turn customer feedback into tickets automatically - just set your triggers and when a customer needs a response, you’ll know immediately. Everyone in your team will be able to understand the issue too with highlight summaries that help them choose the right actions to take next.

Predict what customers will do next and reduce churn

Manage, track and respond to tickets across desktop, mobile or the Qualtrics Follow-up app. And when you’re unavailable, you can automatically forward tickets so no customer is forgotten.

Track every customer interaction across all your platforms

Get a complete view of every customer interaction with ticket tracking and integrations into your CRM and other key business data systems.

Turn detractors into promoters with Qualtrics

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The right information, in the right hands

Track customer satisfaction, first call resolution, and productivity by rep and team on role-based dashboards and dig deeper into the issue through root cause and key driver analysis.

Qualtrics Customer Feedback Ticketing dashboard

However you work, it just works

Seamlessly integrate your closed-loop follow up system with the tools and processes you’re already using including Slack, Zendesk and many more.

Our integration partners

Qualtrics Integrations and APIs

Insights, not just data

Automatically understand the steps to take to resolve customer issues effectively with key driver analysis and root cause analysis. Quickly activate your team so they can turn detractors into promoters.

  • Text Analytics – Analyse customer’s open text feedback that results in ticket creation for actionable trends to reduce ticket volume
  • Statistical Analysis – Understand complex relationships between multiple variables in a single click. With Qualtrics Stats iQ you can identify the impact of metrics like response time has on satisfaction
Qualtrics Drivers IQ Report - Customer Satisfaction Drivers

Reduce churn with custom alerts and actions

Set custom conditions based on customer feedback, behaviour and churn predictions. If a customer is likely to churn, you can automate tickets and share them through Slack, your CRM or your customer service platform.

Qualtrics ticket trigger for follow up on customer feedback

What is closed-loop customer follow up?

When customers give feedback to your organisation, closed-loop feedback and follow up is the system you use to enable frontline employees to get in touch with them and resolve problems. It typically involves two main parts – Case management and action planning tool.

Through case management, organisations can set the conditions that trigger an alert that a customer needs to be contacted. For example, you may decide to follow up with anyone who rates your company below 6 on an NPS question. That ticket is then routed through a case management system and escalated through your frontline teams to track it all the way through to resolution. Action planning tools allow you to collaborate with team members to address systemic issues in customer experience.