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CBS uses feedback to understand and deliver exactly what viewers want to see, when they want to see it - from CBS This Morning to the Late Show.

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Customer Experience

Your audience members aren't the only ones who should be tuning in
  • Targeted content & ad delivery
  • Website page-level feedback
  • Digital streaming feedback
  • Social sharing measurement
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Page-Level Website Feedback

Show potential customers a feedback option on individual website pages so you can improve the pages where the feedback is relevant.

Targeted Ad & Content Delivery

Deliver promotions, ads, and event invitations to specific profiles based on their online behavior.

Social Measurement & Origin

Ask your audience what social channels brought them to your site so you know where to focus future acquisition investment.

A/B Content Testing

Test which types of content viewers respond to best. Run experiments as fast as you can think of them.

Dynamic Dashboards

Provide dynamic, role-based dashboards to the right people to ensure consumer issues are resolved quickly. We offer native text analytics and dashboards that look great on any device.

Transactional & Relational NPS® / CSAT

With CSAT and Qualtrics Bain-Certified NPS questions, you can combine in-moment and long-term customer satisfaction feedback to accurately measure and improve customer experience.

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Market Research

Discover new ways to connect with your audience
  • Ad effectiveness measurement
  • Mobile and website consumer behaviour research
  • Conjoint analysis of subscription packages and streaming formats
  • Social media brand tracking
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Ad Effectiveness

Measure the lift your digital properties provide to ads on your site, and use that data to demonstrate your value to potential partners.

Subscription BEHAVIOUR

Engage viewers to understand what drives subscription behavior, both before and after a transaction.

Audience Profiling

Understand key details about your audience, such as what demographics make up your consumer base, when they like to view your content, and what content interests them most. Use that information to build detailed profiles and hone your targeting strategy.

Conjoint Analysis

Understand the value your customers attach to unique products and services offered by your business, such as commercial-free streaming, video and content downloads, and low-cost subscription plans.

Usability Testing

Determine how intuitive your website is for users and solicit feedback to make your consumer experience easier and more enjoyable.

Panel Building

Turn consumers on your digital sites into new research panel members. Test new content, get feedback on consumer preference, conduct website usability testing, and understand what drives consumption and social sharing.

Market Segmentation

Track consumer behaviour across unique segments. Take action based on the value associated with each customer type.

Market Trends

Stay ahead of the curve when it comes to changing media trends. Use up-to-date, real market data to drive business decisions.

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Employee Insights

Engaged employees deliver more engaging content
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee 360s
  • Onboarding & training feedback
  • Exit interviews
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Employee Engagement

Identify what drives engagement across your organisation, from producers and directors, to engineers and interns.

Employee 360's

Build a better workforce with fast and customisable 360 employee reviews.

Onboarding Feedback

Find out how to improve and tailor the onboarding process so every team member can hit the ground running and easily integrate into your company.

Exit Insights

Discover why employees leave and pinpoint areas for improvement to help you retain and build a stronger workforce.

Ad-Hoc Employee Surveys

Ask any question, at any time, to any employee to gain on-the-spot insights.


Measure overall employee engagement and drill down to see specific insights to help you recruit the best talent and improve culture.

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Welcome to the Experience Management PlatformTM

Four applications to manage the four key experiences of business

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Delight customers at every touchpoint. Monitor, respond and improve every interaction along the customer journey.

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Uncover product needs, prioritise features, and predict market trends.

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Drive employee excellence by measuring and optimising every stage of the employee lifecycle.

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Increase brand equity, test and improve advertising, and identify your essential brand drivers.

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