Reports & Ticketing Updates!

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Reports & Ticketing Updates!

So who here uses the new Advanced-Reports? I'm excited to let you know that a lot of anticipated updates have been added!

For example, you can now add Table Totals to Data Table visualizations, and decide whether these are row or column totals!

Sometimes, we're afraid to create a public report too early because we don't want to violate anonymity. If Bob is the only person who took the survey so far, and we all look at the public report, we know what answers Bob gave! And maybe we just want to exclude the data-less graphs and stuff from our reports because they're... well, frankly, an eyesore. Now you can adjust how many data points a visualization needs before it appears in a public report with Display Logic! (Not to be confused with the kind of display logic you do in the survey editor.)

All these new reporting features can be enabled in the Global Settings.

As for Ticketing, we've added some features that'll streamline any close-the-loop program! Ticket Forwarding lets you pass off tickets to a chosen colleague while you're out of office. Ticket Summaries allow you to pipe the most relevant survey response info onto the ticket, clarifying to ticket owners why they're following up. And if you've got 2-way ticket emailing (the ability to record email threads on tickets), there's all kinds of cool new stuff to help you in the Ticket Settings.

Whew... that was a lot of features! Crazy what our engineers can fit into just a couple of weeks.


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    Very excited to hear about display logic for Advanced Reporting! Whitespace is a huge pet peeve of many of my clients. They don't like when reports are long. Thank you!

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