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Imperfect Foods + Qualtrics

Filling in critical
gaps across the customer journey

Imperfect Foods achieved

Deeper insight into the
customer experience

Holistic view of the
customer journey

Improved agility on the line


Imperfect Foods is a subscription-based grocery delivery company on a mission: to eliminate food waste by rescuing surplus, blemished, or otherwise “imperfect” food products from suppliers and selling them to consumers. Repeat business is critical to the company’s mission, but ensuring customers come back, especially in today’s ever-changing consumer landscape, requires a stellar experience strategy. That’s why Imperfect Foods turned to Qualtrics.


For Imperfect Foods, knowing customer preferences inside out — from what foods they
like to how they want them delivered — is the route to consistent business and
high-quality experiences.

However, while its insights team knew the benefits of a comprehensive customer experience strategy, Imperfect Foods’ technology lagged behind. Feedback was being captured by a customer care team, while NPS surveys were being used to understand the site experience.

“To really understand our customers, we needed to match our CX data — captured through our feedback tools — with our transactional data so that we could understand the end-to-end customer journey.”

For the insights team, the data being collected wasn’t conclusive nor representative of the end-to-end customer experience. To connect the dots and discover customers’ preferences, Imperfect Foods needed a holistic, seamless and always-on system of action. One that
could listen to, capture and analyze customer feedback and preference data to
highlight opportunities.

Enter, Qualtrics Experience ID.


Qualtrics Experience ID is a connected, intelligent system for all experience and customer profile data. It captures every signal from every channel and applies powerful analytics to root out bad experiences, surface opportunities to drive growth, and provide a complete view of the customer experience.

Experience ID’s seamless integration with top customer data platforms enabled Imperfect Foods to easily connect and monitor all of their transaction, experience and behavioral data in one place. And for the first time ever, it had a truly holistic view of its customers. This allowed the company to quickly identify improvement opportunities for individuals and segments and personalize experiences at scale.

Within three weeks of integrating Qualtrics Experience ID, Imperfect Foods was able to capture 100% of its active customer base in profiles rich with zero-party data such as dietary restrictions, number and age of household members, and budget preferences.


Experience ID has helped Imperfect Foods refine the customer experience at every touchpoint – from more curated deliveries and careful shipment packaging to more effective email marketing and online engagements.

In one example, the company was able to identify a trend in which people complaining of receiving damaged items were also people who ordered melons. This prompted warehouse workers to revise the way they pack melons, solving the issue. Since implementing Experience ID, Imperfect Foods has seen a significant decrease in customer complaints, and now has data-driven insights to drive strategic decisions that will advance its mission.

Connie Wang

Connie Wang

Senior Director, Customer Insights

Experience ID has put the customer voice into the hands of the people who are doing the work. All of our production managers and operations team members can see their impact on our customers in real time.

Founded in 2015, Imperfect Foods is a subscription-based grocery delivery company on a mission: to reduce food waste and build a better food system for everyone.


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