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US Bank: Optimizing an omnichannel customer experience

Optimizing the customer experience is a critical focus for banking organizations as the industry experiences turbulence fueled by changing customer expectations, increased competition, technology innovation, and external factors such as COVID-19.

Organizations are increasingly focused on improving the customer experience by understanding friction points and customers’ frustration around certain interactions that when addressed, also result in greater operational efficiencies and expense reduction in the business. Additionally, there is an acceleration of digital transformation within the industry, due in large part to the preferences of many customers to perform transactions online and as a result of lasting impacts from COVID.

Watch now as Alycia Nelson, VP and CX/EX Speech and Text Analytics Reporting Director at US Bank and Koren Stucki, VP, Strategic Consulting & Analyst Relations at Clarabridge discuss:

  • Approaches for assessing opportunities to optimize an omnichannel customer experience in retail banking including which feedback sources to leverage, the use of insights in different areas of the bank, and expanding on these areas as the program matures.
  • Methods, examples and lessons learned for engaging internal partners and driving adoption of insights in their daily operations.
  • The impact of COVID on banking and how US Bank conducted early monitoring to assess changes needed to support their employees and customers.
  • Best practices for driving insights to action and measuring the value of those changes to the customer and to the bank.

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