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Workforce Science Associates + QUALTRICS

“We’re passionate about helping organizations improve performance”

Workforce Science Associates was formed by members of Kenexa’s legacy leadership and consulting team, as well as one of Kenexa’s original co-founders. Our consulting team consisting of seasoned workforce engagement professionals who have studied and delivered impactful engagement to organizations for over 40 years. We understand what it takes to achieve a highly engaged workforce and produce steady, measurable results—and we understand what you need from consulting to software to data.

WHY Workforce Science Associates?

PEOPLE ENGAGE. TECHNOLOGY ENABLES. PERIOD. And we understand how to do it wisely—so your efforts pay off. We call it Smart engagement, and it requires a deep understanding of the science of human behavior, a critical eye to the drivers that matter for your employees within your culture, and the ability to choose the few data points, not the many, to focus on as priorities. To us, it’s about sustainable improvement that is focused, action-oriented and progressive. You need a plan that strengthens engagement, not one that changes daily or is so robust you never get started. It’s knowing the difference between the interesting and the impactful, and that’s our specialty. Our consultants know engagement better than anyone in the market, and Qualtrics is the industry’s leading technology platform, what could possibly be a better match? You get the advantage of incredible and proven expertise with a smart and powerful delivery system behind it. To us, to Qualtrics, and to you, it’s a win-win-win because People Engage and Technology Enables.


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"We’re passionate about helping organizations improve performance by maximizing the full potential of their workforce. This requires a commitment to partnership and extreme service. It’s what we know, and it’s what we do best.”

Zach Canaday

Workforce Science Associates, Managing Partner