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Bring the voice of the user
into every experience

Make your users a constant source for delivering exceptional products, services, and digital experiences. From user research to participant recruitment to advanced analytics powered by AI, tap into any audience in the market to help design dynamic UX experiences, all within a single platform.

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All-in-one UX Research

Create exceptional user experiences fueled by feedback

Leverage custom and pre-built expert designed research methodologies to gather and build UX insights into every stage of the product development cycle. Run unmoderated and moderated user testing, card sort, concept tests, and more as you launch new products quickly. Qualitative research tools like video feedback and user interviews complement quantitative UX research with real user stories and voices.

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Activate Your Audience

Engage the right audience, whenever you need them

Deploy UX research studies to all of your users to get user experience insights in an instant. Easily access diverse audiences, create segments, run user testing, and build panels to ensure you hear from the right people every time. All of the engagement and feedback from your users feeds directly into Qualtrics XiD, which means you get an ever-richer picture of your users that you can use to drive more targeted UX research and more tailored interactions.

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Discover powerful insights in less
time with Qualtrics Strategic UX

Watch our deep dive product demo to learn how Strategic UX can help you get critical user experience insights that help validate design decisions, create more tailored interactions, and more.

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Understand your users
at every step

Analyze UX data with built-in machine learning and AI with an easy-to-use interface and transcription translation into over 20+ languages. Combine your qualitative and quantitative analysis capabilities to quickly surface key topics and sentiment using video to humanize your data and bring it to life at scale.

Automate UX with Confidence

Deploy the best user experiences guided by real-time feedback

Take new ideas to market easier with pre-made, expert-built surveys that automatically captures user feedback at every stage of the product lifecycle. Automated projects, like Qualtrics Concept Test Project, automatically generate reports with powerful insights that empower organizations to close product experience gaps at scale.

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Launch exceptional products
with confidence

Unmoderated user testing with Qualtrics empowers you to gather real-time insights, recruit diverse audiences, conduct remote user tests, and analyze data using AI. Streamline your qualitative research process, reduce time and cost, decrease fragmented spend, and focus on high-quality insights that drive better decisions and accelerate growth.

Upgrade your programs simply with flexible, scalable pricing plans

More about UX research

UX research, or user experience research, is the systematic process of investigating and understanding users' behaviors, needs, and preferences to inform the design and improvement of digital products or services. Organizations achieve this by gathering qualitative and quantitative data through research methods like user interviews, observation, task analysis, and usability tests, with the goals of identifying problems, validating design decisions, speeding up the product development process, and increasing customer satisfaction.

UX research is vital because it uncovers user needs, informs design decisions, identifies usability issues, enhances product adoption and satisfaction, mitigates business risks, and provides a competitive advantage. By understanding users and their preferences, businesses can create user-centered experiences, improve product usability, and build strong brand loyalty. UX research ensures that resources are invested wisely, resulting in products and services that meet user expectations, drive customer satisfaction, and ultimately lead to business success.


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