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What an incredible event at X4! I’ve been to many events in my career, but this was hands down the most inspirational and influential event ever.

Simply put - X4 brought together research’s best of the best.  No other event can bring together this caliber of innovative research and insight professionals from industry-leading thought leaders, practitioners from breakthrough organizations and the world’s most iconic brands like Google, Unilever and Chobani.

Not to mention a keynote like no other from President Barack Obama and Sir Richard Branson. As an experience management organization, we live and breathe “experiences” and X4 did not disappoint. It was truly a remarkable and a career-defining experience for me.

The XM Platform Innovations: Research to Drive Product and Brand Experience Breakthroughs

We kicked off our main stage with a recap of the XM Platform - a powerful system of insights that enables organizations to embed experience data into every single business decision they make. Where brands like Porsche use the XM Platform to optimize every touchpoint in their customer journey and move from 23rd to 2nd in JD power rankings or how Royal Caribbean transformed their brand image with millennials by using the XM Platform to test every word in every ad before taking it to market.

The XM Platform provides powerful use cases across product experience, brand experience, employee experience, and customer experience - empowering every individual with world-class insights for everyday decisions.

XM Solutions

One of the most common challenges we hear is the need to do better research faster. To that end, we introduced XM Solutions. This catalog of 40+ solutions are expert-built projects with validated methodology and automatically generated reports - making it easy for anyone without a research background to get insights. Simply provide a few details, review your study, and see your results!

However, we recognize that each organization may have their own proven methodology for doing things. That’s where we can work with you to build custom XM Solutions to standardize the research happening in your organization.

In fact, we had Chobani on stage with us to do a live taste test with their own version of an XM Solution.

Expert Review

How do you make sure you have better insights with trusted data? And what about accidentally collecting sensitive data? We introduced Expert Review last year to help customers design better surveys and this year, we took it up a level.

We’re excited to share how we’ve expanded this tool to help you find higher quality insights by scrubbing your X-data in real-time for speeders, cheaters and bots.

But great insights aren’t enough. How do you make sure your surveys comply with your internal data collection policies? We’ve made enhancements to Expert Review to help you define sensitive data for your organization, flag questions for survey designers, and notify respondents when they are providing this type of data. You have complete control over sensitive data coming into the system.

Best-in-class data security and governance

While helping organizations drive breakthrough insights is at our core, we’ve spent an enormous amount of effort building best-in-class data security and governance. We’ve implemented hundreds of policies and controls that are continually audited to ensure your data is safe. That is why 75% of the Fortune 100 trust their research to Qualtrics. Our enterprise-ready experience management software provides unparalleled security, reliability, and compliance when conducting essential research.

XM Directory

One of the biggest concerns many of our customers face is controlling how they communicate with their customers and doing that in a centralized way. This has lead many organizations like UnitedHealth Group to standardize on a single platform to drive an end-to-end customer experience with XM Directory.

XM Directory is a single unified system of record that combines and maintains customers’ operational and experience data, helping to build intelligent customer profiles over time. With XM Directory you get improved data quality, a better respondent experience and the ability to identify segments with a common experience - all with the added benefit of built-in contact frequency rules coming from one voice.

Last but not least, we announced the launch of Qualtrics Brand Tracking!

You can now get expert-designed brand tracking with Automated Solutions, Expert Review, and Panels at the click of a button and dashboards on every device that anybody in your organization can launch out of the box.

If you want to see some of the new innovations in action, make sure to book a consultation with one of our team.

X4 Experience Management Summit 2020 - March 10-13

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Jared Gardner // Head of Web Optimization

Jared is the Head of Web Optimization at Qualtrics. Born and raised in Utah he graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys snowboarding and camping in his free time.

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