Using Multiple Choice questions instead of Text Entry questions when bringing data over

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Using Multiple Choice questions instead of Text Entry questions when bringing data over

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to set up my longitudinal survey so that the data from time 1 is brought over into the time 2 survey. This will hopefully enable me to match up the data from the same respondent(s). However, in the steps I'm following to set up a longitudinal survey (see link: it says that "In order to use Multiple Choice questions instead of Text Entry questions, you will need to use JavaScript. Qualtrics Support cannot advise on custom coding...". A lot of my questions are multiple choice so this is a problem for me.

Has anyone coded this before or does anyone know how to solve this issue? Furthermore, does anyone have a resource that can guide me on how to set this type of survey up? I'm new to Qualtrics so I hope I've explained things sufficiently. Any help would be really appreciated!

Many thanks, best wishes,


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    @WillKent11 from the explanation you gave me about how you will do the analysis I think the best way for you to do this is merge the files in SPSS (where you plan to do your analysis) instead of merging them in Qualtrics.

    So, you will set your Survey 1 up like you normally would. But then, because you want to follow-up with the respondent 1 month after they submit their first survey, you will need to add an Action to Survey 1.

    • Event-based action
    • Survey response, survey response created
    • Conditions are optional
    • Add task, email
    • Email address (if you will use a contact list you can choose that from the drop down, if you have an anonymous link for Survey 1 you will need to ask for the email in Survey 1 and you can use the drop down list to choose the question that holds their email address)
    • When - adjust the drop down from immediately to 1 month or 30 days (it defaults to hours so you need to change that drop down to get the month/day option)
    • Use the body of the email to put in anonymous link to Survey 2 and add "?Source=${e://Field/ResponseID}" to the end of the anonymous link. [this is called a query string]

    Survey 2:

    In Survey 2, add an Embedded Data field in the Survey Flow named Source (don't fill anything in after the equal sign, leave it as set from panel or URL). This will carry through the ResponseID from the first survey and save it in Source. You can then use Survey 1 ResponseID and Survey 2 Source to merge your SPSS files. This works easier than other options because you don't need to show them their answers in Survey 1 during Survey 2.


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