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Becoming a journey-centric company

To become truly customer-centric, the way your company runs should mirror the ways customers interact with you. It’s called journey-centricity and has been proven to increase revenue, reduce costs, and deliver better customer experiences.

In fact, a study by Boston Consulting Group found that by taking a ‘customer journey at scale’ approach, companies can reduce operating costs by 15-25% and increase revenue by 10-20%.

Download this free Forrester report, The Journey-Centric Revolution, to find out the three-phased approach you can take to become a journey-centric business.

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In this report, you'll learn:

  • How to activate the organization with lighthouse journeys, journey champions, and CX immersion
  • Ways to connect via executive alignment, professionalized journey roles, and robust metrics
  • Tips on extending journey-centricity into your CX ecosystem, identifying priorities based on
    customer journeys, and orchestrating journeys at scale

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