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Design breakthrough experiences

Uncover market trends, changing behaviors, and unmet needs, then take the right actions to design the experiences people want next. Qualtrics advanced market research solution combines experience feedback, sophisticated research methodologies, and analytics, all in a single platform. It has everything you need to design experiences that power breakthrough products and services.

The world’s best brands trust Qualtrics to deliver breakthrough experiences

Powerful tools with proven ROI

Increase speed to insights

Understand changing market dynamics and consumer behavior. Have control of your data and market research tools in a single system to execute research projects seamlessly.

Reduce spend on outsourced research

Bring more research in-house and leverage technology to complete research initiatives. Identify promising product concepts early and optimize R&D spend.

Improve market research quality

Target an engaged and intelligently segmented pool of respondents for accurate insights. Utilize machine learning & artificial intelligence technologies to mine structured and unstructured data.

Say goodbye to guesswork for good with built in analytics

From complex pricing studies to dynamic market segmentation, DesignXM cuts through the noise to drive action.

Always-on and working in the background, our powerful analytics engine will alert you to the actions that will have the biggest impact on your business.

See how it works

The right audiences,
whenever you need them with insights on demand

Get insights in an instant, and deploy expert-designed studies to your customer database, or build your own panel from millions of screened, verified respondents.

Easily build profiles, segments, and proprietary panels, and reach out to them on the right channels through personalized targeting. With Qualtrics, you ensure you hear from the right people, every time.

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