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Qualtrics’ conversational intelligence technology combines with WorkJam’s super app for frontline workers to give organizations a continuous pulse on the front lines of their businesses and surface insights into employees’ priorities, needs and concerns. Organizations can boost engagement among frontline employees with these insights and ultimately deliver better customer experiences.

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Experiences delivered at the frontline by the people and teams responsible for the digital and human touchpoints a customer has with a company have an outsized impact on the customer experience, and ultimately an organization’s revenue growth and cost efficiency. According to the Qualtrics XM Institute, customer experiences such as speed, friendliness and order accuracy are related to employees’ feelings of connection and trust with each other, senior leaders and a company’s broader vision and values.

Leading global companies use WorkJam’s technology to empower their frontline employees with digital tools to manage their schedules and tasks, access training and career development opportunities as well as chat with colleagues.

Joint customers use the conversational intelligence capabilities in Qualtrics to analyze unstructured experience data from sources like WorkJam’s employee communication and training modules to better understand how their frontline employees are thinking and feeling as well as stay updated on relevant topics that may require leadership attention. For example, Qualtrics AI could identify trending in-store issues with a new product rollout or high-performing employees who deserve recognition for their good work, providing store managers with the insights they need to boost engagement, productivity and efficiency among frontline staff.

Empower every frontline employee to deliver better customer experiences

By giving both frontline employees and the customers they serve a voice to communicate their ideas, concerns and general feedback, leaders are able to resolve issues quickly and uncover insights that inform operational and workplace culture improvements across the organization.

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Frontline employees and the customers they serve have a voice to communicate their ideas, concerns and feedback
  2. Employees have the tools to resolve issues as soon as they surface
  3. Management teams uncover insights that inform operational

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Give organizations a continuous pulse on the frontlines and surface insights into customers and employees’ priorities, needs and concerns.

“Frontline employees have the biggest impact on how customers engage with a business, so it’s critical to understand the issues and challenges that affect their workplace sentiment,” said Steven Kramer, CEO of WorkJam. “We’re proud to partner with Qualtrics to enable global enterprises to better understand what’s happening on their front lines and create winning strategies that enhance both the employee and customer experience.”

“Organizations build trust with frontline employees and encourage life-long customers by listening and taking action on feedback in the moment, across every frontline touchpoint,” said Qualtrics President of Product and Engineering Brad Anderson. “Our partnership with WorkJam will put the power of experience management in the hands of the people who have the greatest impact on the customer and employee experience, the frontline teams responsible for the human touchpoints a customer has with a company.”

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Available for organizations with software licenses to both Workjam and Qualtrics.

Qualtrics support requests can be directed to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Available in over 50 languages with inline translations, organizations bridge language barriers and create a more inclusive working environment for all.

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