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Supporting public servants, so they can
support the public

From local health departments to large federal agencies, all levels of government are hard at work to support the public response to COVID-19. As the largest employer in the United States, government organizations will need to use real-time data to inform questions about how employees return to the workplace. If public servants need to be in physical offices, how do we bring them back the right way? How should we engage and support those who need government services?

We are continuing our effort to help by offering specialized solutions for all organizations. We hope this helps each of you continue to support the public, the right way.

Return to Work Pulse

Meeting public health requirements is just the start. Getting to the new office normal means employees’ hearts and minds can support the mission – with their top concerns addressed and logistical needs met. Return to Work Pulse is a fast way to accelerate better decisions on the timing and actions needed to reopen your workplace and re-engage employees.


When and who goes back onsite?
How will employees stay safe?
What will our employees expect?
What is our successful re-boarding experience?
What facilities, technology and policy changes need to be made?

  • Quickly assess employees’ concerns and confidence levels
  • Automatically summarize employee sentiment
  • Provide leadership with instant visibility into the needs and requirements of employees returning to work
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Back-at-Work Employee Experience Solution

Whether reinstating old norms or creating new ones you’ll need to make adjustments. A continuous feedback loop for all teams re-entering the workplace will help you establish stability, productivity and resiliency in more teams, faster.

Ensure your employee re-boarding experience meets the needs of your organizational goals and your greatest asset – your workforce.

  • Ensure your employees feel safe and supported through the transition back
  • Deploy an on-going pulse that constantly surfaces changing needs
  • Surface employee experience gaps and automatically route recommended actions to the individuals in the best position to make changes
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Remote + On-site Work Pulse

Whether you’re supporting public servants who can work remotely, or protecting the health of essential on-site employees—it’s never been more important to check in with your people and respond to their needs. Keep employees connected, enabled, and feeling safe amidst the COVID-19 crisis with Remote + On-site Work Pulse.

  • Quickly assess workforce morale and well-being
  • Understand employee needs as they adapt to changing work environments—whether remote or on-site
  • Identify what matters by geographic location and team—and prioritize actions to take in response
  • Reduce the impacts this disruption can have on culture, employee safety, and productivity
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Employee Symptom Check

In line with current CDC guidelines and built by the Qualtrics team of physicians and XM scientists, the Employee Symptom Check helps you assess health symptoms, travel, and other potential risks that could jeopardize employees when coming onsite. Once completed, assessments can automatically trigger downstream actions and information sharing such as building access, relevant healthcare information, or links to online safety training. Leaders also gain visibility across teams and locations empowering them to make real-time, data-based decisions to keep your people safe.

  • Increase onsite employee safety by encouraging employees to take the health assessment
  • Quickly identify potential health risks and automatically direct employees to stay home
  • Enable employees to show time-stamped self-certification notifications to come onsite
  • Link daily symptom data with other COVID-19 data tracking systems
  • Give leadership access to dashboards showing trending data and insights that reveal hot spots in various locations or teams

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At Qualtrics, we’ve witnessed first-hand the power of governments adapting quickly to respond to COVID-19. Since mid-March, Qualtrics COVID-19 solutions have been used to help leaders understand the impact of this pandemic and act on next steps in more than 100 cities and counties, across all 50 states and in federal agencies in the United States, and 90 countries worldwide on 6 continents.

Based on the best practices from our work with organizations public and private, we have created a special set of services to help you listen to employees, take a fact-based approach to risk-assessment, and execute the right actions to deliver on your mission while protecting your workforce.

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Secure, trusted platform with proven
scale for public sector needs

  • The Qualtrics XM Platform is ISO 27001 and FedRamp compliant. It is also HITRUST certified, which means its technology platform provides customers the tools they need to manage HIPAA compliance
  • Secure, unified data collection for aggregation and analysis by federal, state and local government and health departments
  • Automated individual result reporting to state & federal health information systems
  • Trusted choice of more than 80 federal agencies and 300 state and local governments for sensitive public sector needs