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What’s new in EmployeeXM? | September 2019

It’s been a busy few months for the EmployeeXM team over the summer, with plenty of new feature updates to help you monitor and improve your employee experience. From guided action planning tools that help you scale action and improvements across the organization to new reporting features and expert-built projects available in your account, there’s a lot we’re excited to share.

Here’s a quick run-through of some of our recent updates. Don’t forget, you can see all our new features as they’re launched on our product updates page. And if you have any questions about any of our new features or want to see them in action, make sure to get in touch with your customer success rep and they’ll be happy to walk you through them.

Drive action across the organization with guided action planning

There’s nothing more likely to undermine your Employee Experience efforts than feedback which goes unheard. It’s been shown that when you respond to, and act on, employees' feedback they’re much more engaged.

The trouble for HR teams is they can’t be everywhere at once, so taking action at a team level can be difficult without the support of your managers.

With guided action planning, you now have a tool to help you drive change in every team by automatically flagging focus areas and recommended next steps to managers based on their team’s feedback.

  • Guided action planning shows a manager customized actions to take in each focus area so they know exactly how to drive improvement with their teams
  • Managers see specific next steps to take with best practice content on skills and interventions
  • Use your own leadership and development content, or pull from content developed from our expert team of I/O psychologists
  • HR admins can keep managers accountable by viewing progress and completion of action plans

Quickly and easily launch best-in-class programs designed by the experts

We’re excited to announce five new XM Solutions to help you launch programs with expert-designed surveys, real-time data analysis, and pre-built dashboards tailored to the needs of your organization and employees.

The new XM Solutions include:

Work-/Life Balance

  • Designed to help you improve the experience for employees by identifying the right balance of work and personal priorities, this solution measures items like manager care, workload management, flexibility, working hours, intention to stay at the company, and more.. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Designed to help you measure and understand how employees view your current social initiatives and practices, and helps you collect feedback to drive social impact and improve the experience for your people. 

Workplace Ethics

  • Designed to help you understand if your employees feel the company is operating with integrity and identifies issues preventing them from reporting potential issues.

Workplace Safety

  • Designed to help you improve and measure employee safety and security in the workplace, including manager involvement in promoting safe environments.

Employee Growth and Development

  • Designed to help you identify gaps in your current  growth and development initiatives so you can better help employees access opportunities for skill development, career growth, and coaching. 

New reporting and platform enhancements 

We’ve launched two new widgets and several platform improvements to give you a better, more holistic view of your employee experience data, empower managers with simple tools to drive action, and enhance the core product in order to help your programs evolve and scale.

  • Response ticker widget shows employee comments integrated with Text iQ, allowing you to quickly analyze text fields against easy-to-filter sentiment data so you can identify trends and review in groupings.
  • Widget image exports allows managers to export widgets as images for ease of reporting within engagement projects.
  • Improved person import increases the speed and reliability for importing people into a project, which is a crucial step of administrator workflows and EX platform performance.
  • Global directory export allows administrators to export their entire Global Directory to aid with directory management. 

To find out more about any of the latest updates, chat to your Qualtrics rep, or check out all the latest EmployeeXM features on our product updates page.

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