Employees are often the best source of information a company has about how to fix a broken customer experience. But when it comes to fixing a broken customer experience, front-line employees are rarely included in the diagnosis.


Employees’ feedback does three essential things when it comes to customer experience. It:

  • Provides context for customer experiences
  • Helps identify process, policy, and technology hurdles that hinder experience delivery
  • Gives insight into the quality of employees’ experiences.


Connecting the employee and customer experiences gives any organization a complete picture of what is really going on and why. Understanding this connection will help your organization understand the impact of employee engagement on the bottom line.


If you have customers and employees and want to learn how to build an effective program to maximize both relationships, then check out this free, downloadable Forrester report.


In this report, you’ll learn:

  •      Why customer experience programs often fall short
  •      How voice of the employee (VoE) and employee engagement (EE) programs can improve any CX program
  •      What characteristics should define effective VoE and EE programs
  •      What steps to take to start connecting the dots between your VoE, EE and CX programs


Here’s to happy employees and even happier customers!


Forrester: Cure Broken Customer Experiences With Voice Of The
Employee Programs

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