Turn your brand
into a religion

Understand your market, your customers and your competitors better than ever before. Qualtrics BrandXM™ puts you in control with powerful, easy-to-use tools to help grow your brand.

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Keeping it simple, so you can keep it in-house.

We combine drag-and-drop simplicity with tested and trusted methodologies to help you take control of your brand strategy. With our pre-built surveys and dashboards, everyone on your team has access to the same powerful tools used by expensive, outsourced consultancies.
  • Customer segmentation
  • Brand awareness, health, and engagement research
  • Targeting and positioning
  • Attitude, usage, and user profiling research
  • Value proposition development
  • Brand touchpoint research
  • Brand strategy research
  • Communications development and evaluative research

All your brand’s vital signs. All in one place

Track every data point that matters from market trends to competitor analysis, brand awareness, and more. We make it easy to see all your data over time so you know exactly where to focus your attention to grow your brand.


Easily customize brand studies to measure awareness, differentiation, or any other brand variable you need.


Monitor corporate and competitive brand perception and uncover key market shifts and emerging trends like shifts in product quality, price perception, or competitor strength.


Visualize brand equity and share brand insights quickly and easily with anyone in the organization

Take the emotion out of your
marketing decisions

Launch new campaigns with complete confidence. Test your ads with the right customer segments and understand what’s working (and what’s not) so you can optimize before they go live.
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Make the right impression on every channel

Drive brand consistency across your complete channel mix with online
and offline feedback, all on the same platform.

Connect the dots across your customers' journey, no matter what channel they’re using

Build richer insights into your customer segments with targeted website and in-app feedback using 20+ behavioral variables

Prioritize the key drivers of brand success


Focus on the right improvements by automatically identifying and prioritizing the key drivers of brand experience such as price, product and service quality, support, policies, and more.

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Uncover insights hidden deep in open text responses with Text iQ. With a single click, you can see trending topics and sentiment to get right to the heart of how people feel about your brand.

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What is Brand Experience?

Recognizable names and marks command a premium in the market, but only if that recognition is positive. Brand experience means listening to customers and the public using research and feedback software. Identifying your essential brand drivers helps you improve brand perceptions, optimize your communication strategy, and grow your company’s overall brand value.

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Qualtrics Brand Experience™ Platform