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With an employee base of over 500,000, food giant Yum! Brands makes employee engagement a top priority. Through Qualtrics Employee Insights, Yum! is able to instantly track engagement and develop employees in every Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, and WingStreet worldwide. Read More

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Since its 1997 split from PepsiCo, Yum! Brands has rocketed to the top of the fast food industry to become the parent company of some of the world’s most recognized brands – Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, and WingStreet. And with over 40,000 restaurants in 125 countries and 537,000 employees worldwide, the fast food giant has a lot on its plate.

Tracking the satisfaction and engagement of that many people isn’t easy, so Yum! turned to Qualtrics to revamp its 360 program. Yum!’s leadership had become frustrated with their previous provider’s limited capabilities, complex reports, and expensive templates and wanted a more flexible platform that would allow them to customize their 360 program to their unique brands.

“We realized that we needed a talent management solution, not just a 360 platform,” said Yum! Global Organizational Development analyst Lindsey Weiss.

Yum! partnered with Qualtrics in January 2015 and has since been able to easily customize everything from surveys to reports and get quick insights to share across the company. And with all of the time and money they’re saving, Yum! can get back to doing what they do best — growing happy employees and happy customers.

Empowering you to own your employee insights program



Customize your employee insights program to your organization through a combination of pulse checks, annual engagement surveys, employee satisfaction feedback, exit surveys, and eNPS.



Qualtrics makes collecting actionable insights simple for organizations of any size and experience level.



Our platform makes analyzing your results a cinch through configurable dashboards, competitive analysis, and hierarchical role-based views. Our drag-and-drop interface means you can build employee surveys lightning fast. With Qualtrics, you can assess your team and roll out organization-wide results the same week.

Empower your Customer Experience

Get the insights you need to attract,
develop, and retain talent

Qualtrics empowers leaders across the organization to make data-driven management decisions to improve employee morale and productivity while decreasing attrition rates. We make it easy for managers to give structured feedback to individual employees at every stage of the employee lifecycle, from hire to retire.

Employee Engagement

Give supervisors real-time access to the levers and hierarchical insights they need to improve employee engagement.

Multi-rater assessments

Enable entirely configurable 360, 180, and self-assessment evaluations to drive employee performance and development objectives.

Pre-hire assessments

Evaluate candidates and new hires before and after the interview process to improve the procedures and outcomes associated with growing your organization.

Pulse surveys

Get on-demand access to your organization’s employee engagement, performance, and satisfaction levels to more effectively manage organizational change and improvement.

Exit Surveys

Understand what causes unwanted attrition to help you develop and keep your best employees.

Ad-hoc Internal Surveys

Quickly and easily capture feedback on engagement, company events, or announcements the moment opportunities arise.

Hierarchical reporting

Share permission-based reports so that the leaders in your organization have access to the insights relevant to their teams — all while maintaining anonymity thresholds.

Onboarding Feedback

Capture actionable insights to address the elements of your onboarding process that need improvement.

Training and Assessment

Understand how to improve internal training and development programs based on real-time feedback.

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Spend less time staring at spreadsheets
and more time taking action

Qualtrics makes viewing and analyzing your employee insights simple. When it comes time to drill into your findings, the days of creating individual reports for each person are long gone. Easily generate customized, role-based reports for the entire organization in minutes. Through historical reporting and benchmarks you can see exactly where your team stacks up internally, against your competitors, or with engagement levels from previous years.

This allows you to focus on the issues that will drive change within your team. After you pinpoint the areas that need attention, you can use the integrated action planning tools to make plans for improvement right in your dashboard.  Spend less time staring at spreadsheets and more time taking action.

Configurable Dashboards

Qualtrics delivers a configurable dashboard solution so your insights can be as unique as your organization is — simply drag and drop to choose exactly which data and reports you want others to see when they log in.

Historical Reporting / Longitudinal Analysis / Benchmarks

Quickly see where your team stacks up against others in your organization or against your industry competition. Or, benchmark against yourself to see how your organization has improved over time.

Hierarchical Role-Based Dashboards

Every leader gets access to a dashboard tailored to their unique role with only the information relevant to their position in the organization. This means they can filter results within their teams to find and address pockets of high or low engagement.

Text Analytics

Understand which topics and issues are top-of-mind for your employees via open-ended text comments. Easily sift through mountains of text to zero in on what matters most.

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Focus on getting the insights you need – and leave the rest to us

We designed our platform to be the most intuitive on the market, and the only one you’ll ever need to collect employee insights throughout your organization. No need to sweat the set up — your personal implementation manager will walk you through the whole process and quickly get you on your way so you can begin collecting insights. From there, our Client Success and Professional Services teams have your back every step of the way and can even help you run your program for you from start to finish.

A streamlined setup and integration process means shorter time to launch, faster results, and a higher program success rate. Plus, we offer online and remote support, as well as online tutorials to answer your questions whenever they come up — even if it’s 3 a.m. on Sunday morning. Getting fast and reliable insights doesn’t get any easier than that.

Easy-to-use configurable dashboard

Display synthesized data and results in real time with intuitive, drag-and-drop dashboards.

Dedicated Client Success Manager

Ensure success by working one-on-one with your personal Client Success Manager who is focused on taking care of your every need.

Onboarding Team

Accelerate your program’s success with the help of an expert Onboarding team that handles everything from training to customized dashboard buildout.

Worry-free implementation

Leverage your personal Qualtrics implementation manager to ensure a seamless integration and onboarding process for everyone who needs to collect insights.

Online Tutorials

Get answers to every question with detailed, self-guided videos and content designed to help you become an expert quickly.

Shorter time to get results

A streamlined setup and integration process means shorter time to launch, faster results, and a higher program success rate.

Product support

Provide every member of your insights team immediate access to world-class product support via phone and email.

Custom Solutions

Our Engineering Support team can build out any custom additions you have in mind.

Reliable, robust technology

All of your employee insights on one dynamic platform means you’ll never need another employee feedback software solution.

Academic and practitioner-level subject
matter expertise for employee insights

With backgrounds in IO Psychology and HR consulting, plus experience running employee measurement programs for large multinational organizations, our subject matter experts are your go-to resource for content recommendations and industry best practices. Whether you’re trying to improve your employee productivity, reduce turnover, develop front-line and senior leaders, or drive new industry best practices, they can help you bridge the gap between your current and ideal states.

SME support

Dedicated subject matter experts for both employee engagement and 360 degree feedback are available so you can rest assured that your employee insights program will be a success.

Off-the-shelf content

Immediate access to tried-and-true content via Qualtrics’ survey and assessment library.

Custom content recommendation

Get expert content recommendations that tie questions and assessments to your key business objectives.

External benchmarking

Get access to normative data for all your benchmarking needs via our partners.

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Build greater brand loyalty by asking about your customers’ experiences and acting on their feedback.

Employee Insights

Happy employees create happy customers. Identify the drivers of employee engagement and satisfaction to drive positive customer interactions.

Market Research

Thoroughly understand your market and deliver ahead of customer expectations.

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