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XM for Employee Experience

Power to your people—
at every level

Software to build engaged and high-performing teams,
improve manager effectiveness, and make informed
and timely business decisions, powered by Qualtrics AI.

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People Engage_

Manage employee experience at scale

Understand what your people need and drive action at every level—from HR teams
to individual people managers—to increase engagement, productivity, and retention.

People engage

Confidently set goals for your organization
and empower managers with Qualtrics AI
so they can take the right actions at scale
with a holistic understanding of employees
that goes beyond traditional engagement.


Measure the holistic employee experience so you can make decisions with confidence thanks to clear and personalized insights, backed by science and powered by Qualtrics AI.



Get automated pulsing for regular feedback and rapid action. Real-time trends help organizations adapt quickly, while saving HR resources, and without overwhelming employees and managers.



The only all-in-one hub purpose-built for managers to easily understand feedback, crowdsource solutions, and take action on the things that will keep their teams engaged and productive.


People Lifecycle_

Deliver the right employee
experiences from hire to exit

Understand how every employee and candidate touchpoint impacts your
brand to deliver the best people experiences and business outcomes.

people lifecycle

Reduce attrition by delivering the right
experiences in the moments that matter
most across the employee journey—from
candidate, to onboarding, to development,
to exit.


From onboarding to exit and everything in between, optimize experiences at every touchpoint across the employee lifecycle and identify patterns to reduce unwanted attrition, improve new hire ramp time, and more.



Build a winning talent brand, grow candidate pipeline, and accelerate hire rates by evaluating and improving processes throughout the talent attraction process.


Using our end-to-end 360 Development tool makes it easy to gather feedback and build personalized development programs for every employee.


Unite all your employee listening programs, map out the end-to-end journey, and pinpoint exactly where to step in to support your people and improve their experience. Automatically identify trends and risks amongst similar employee segments, at different stages in the journey to take the right action at the right stage.

employee journey

People Analytics_

Unlock the power of
connected experiences

Bring together every signal, from every channel, and apply powerful
analytics to focus your investments in people for maximum impact.

People analytics

AI-powered analytics surface
recommendations and insights to
the right people to help you
make the right decisions when
it comes to your workforce.

Employee Listening_

Listen to your workforce across every channel to understand how your employees really feel and address the right issues in real time. By leveraging behavioral insights, you can preempt burnout and improve employee engagement.


Quickly identify and predict the experiences, backgrounds, and behaviors of employees who are at high risk of quitting, so you can take proactive steps to reduce attrition before it accelerates and negatively impacts your organization.

employee solutions


Bring your people experience and business data together to quickly uncover the employee experiences that have the greatest impact on your business.

ex key drivers

Upgrade your programs simply with flexible, scalable pricing plans