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Brand Experience Software

Unleash the power
of your brand

Get ahead of shifts in the market with a holistic view of your brand experience and real-time analytics that fuel proactive decisions, enabling you to increase awareness and ultimately accelerate growth. Infuse your brand into every customer touchpoint to create experiences that acquire, engage, and support customers by deepening relationships at every moment that matters.

A graph showing trending lines for levels of Frustration, Adoration, and Sentiment. There’s a popup message that says, “Customer sentiment is down 80% quarter over quarter”

Brand Impact Simulator

Identify emerging insights
at the click of a button

Don’t wait until after the fact to course correct. Identify with pinpoint accuracy which key brand attributes, like “ease of use” or “flexible return policy,” have the most impact on conversions. Predict the impact, see what’s happening in real-time, and make the right calls to keep your brand on track.

Real-time Insights

Always be the first to market

Quickly understand what your brand’s next moves should be with advanced analytics and intelligence, built directly into the platform. Get to faster, better decisions with real-time data delivered in dynamically updated dashboards and share with the rest of your organization to guide decision-making in the moment.


2024 Market Research Trends

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have dramatically expanded the speed, efficiency, and scale of research capabilities, giving businesses the data they need to make smarter, effective business decisions.

We spoke to more than 3,000 researchers in 14 countries around the world to discover what trends are shaping the year ahead.

image representing research

Conversational brand analytics + AI

Uncover blind spots in
minutes, not months

Tap into the power of unsolicited data to uncover shifts in consumer sentiment and accelerate your experience and brand impact in real-time. Understand how customers feel about your brand, without having to ask, to improve brand performance across all relevant interactions and uncover context, barriers, and consumer motivations at scale.

A phone shows an open social media app. 3 pop up notifications are shown over the phone–one from X, one from Instagram, and one from Facebook.

CrossXM with BX and CX

Bring your brand promise
to life where it matters most

Combine brand and customer metrics to ensure your brand promise comes to life in every frontline experience. Create an informed strategy by integrating signals, and optimize for both brand positioning and customer experience.

  • Focus on the most important promised experiences that get the most impact per dollar
  • Find the broken promises that erode trust and break the bonds of customer loyalty
  • Fine-tune your approach to brand and customer experience, deliver consistent value, and outperform competitors

Qualtrics Research Services

Global market research that
works harder for you

Uncover deeper and more targeted insights with Qualtrics Research Services and our network of partners. From product launches to long term brand studies, our trained research experts provide as much support as you need on research projects like focus groups, key driver analysis, data cleaning, and everything in between to improve your brand research.

Image of bar chart with text of different value propositions from the research services team

Ready to see how Qualtrics can improve your brand experience?

More about brand experience

Brand experience refers to the overall perception and feelings that consumers have towards a brand as a result of their interactions and engagements with it. It goes beyond just the products or services offered and encompasses all touchpoints, including advertising, customer service, packaging, and in-store experiences. A positive brand experience creates a lasting impact on consumers, fostering brand loyalty and advocacy. It is influenced by factors like brand identity, consistency, authenticity, and emotional connections. By delivering exceptional brand experiences, companies can differentiate themselves from competitors and build strong relationships with their target audience.

Brand research is a systematic investigation into various aspects of a brand, including customer perceptions, preferences, and behaviors. It involves gathering data and conducting analysis to gain insights into how a brand is viewed in the market, its strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Brand research aims to inform brand strategy, positioning, and communication by identifying target audiences, understanding their needs, and evaluating the effectiveness of brand messaging and initiatives. This research can encompass methods such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, and data analysis to provide valuable information for businesses to make informed decisions and enhance their brand's competitiveness.

Qualtrics Strategic Brand is a brand research and experience management software. It is designed to help businesses gain a deep understanding of their brand and manage it strategically to drive customer loyalty, engagement, and growth. This software platform enables businesses to conduct comprehensive brand research, including measuring brand equity, brand perception, and brand loyalty. It also facilitates the management of brand experience through the collection and analysis of customer feedback, monitoring brand performance, and delivering personalized and consistent brand experiences across various touchpoints. Qualtrics Strategic Brand empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, enhance their brand strategies, and create meaningful connections with their target audience.


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