How Orbital delivers fantastic education across 3 continents

With 10 schools spread across 3 continents, Orbital Education has a diverse student population. In order to deliver the best British education to its international students, the group needs to understand the needs of its growing school communities. Orbital Education do this with a small, central team that uses Qualtrics to gather, analyse and act on feedback from around the world.

Our schools are common in approach but are geographically distant and in vastly different time zones. It can be hard for a central team to gauge its performance and the views of its students, parents and faculty. Qualtrics gives us a platform to bring us closer to the views of our school communities.

Myles McNeany, Group Head of IT, Orbital Education

How Orbital Education closed the experience gap

Collecting fast and accurate feedback

Orbital Education creates a single survey and then distributes it to its 10 global schools. This standardised approach means Orbital Education is assured of high-quality and unfiltered feedback – and it allows them to make comparisons across regions.

Saving schools time by standardising surveys

If Orbital Education was to devolve survey-taking to its schools, that would mean 10 schools having to set up, run and analyse surveys themselves. Instead, they save time and money by centralising this work and stop duplication of effort.

Boosting respondent rates with localised surveys

Orbital Education can distribute its surveys in multiple languages, meaning students and parents are able to give feedback in their first language. At the group’s South American schools, more Spanish-speaking parents are now completing the survey compared to when it was in English.

Empowering every school to improve

While surveys are run from Orbital Education’s Manchester headquarters, Qualtrics allows us to collaborate and customise to meet the needs of each school. This is important as it’s the schools themselves that need act on the results.

By running our surveys centrally, we know we’re getting unfiltered feedback on our schools. Plus it means schools get the benefits of survey feedback, without wasting time on more mundane survey tasks.

Myles McNeany, Group Head of IT, Orbital Education


Number of schools using Qualtrics surveys

Surveys can be customised or translated quickly

Improved visibility of schools’ performance

Why Qualtrics?

One survey, small localisations

With Qualtrics, Orbital Education is able to create a single template for its satisfaction survey, then have its schools make small tweaks based on individual requirements.

Fast translation

Orbital Education achieves higher engagement among parents by offering its surveys in languages other than English.

Easy distribution

Orbital Education can create, localise and distribute surveys quickly, meaning its schools can start making improvements sooner.

Orbital Education own and operate 10 schools around the world, including in China, Qatar and Ecuador. At each of its schools, it delivers a modified version of the English National Curriculum to globally-minded students aged between 2- to 18-years-old.