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COVID-19 has upended teaching and learning. Higher Education and K-12 institutions are hard at work supporting students and their families, faculty, staff and administrators. Each school is implementing a different combination of remote and in-person teaching and learning.

Qualtrics is a system of action that enables school leaders to address teaching and learning, school operations, and wellbeing. Make data-driven decisions to create a safer learning environment.

We are here to help you continue to support your school community,
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Developed with Character Lab

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With the stress of a global pandemic, social injustice, and social unrest, it is vital for schools and institutions to monitor well-being and to identify specific individuals who need additional support.

  • Quickly pulse students and staff with research-based questions developed in partnership with Character Lab
  • Empower staff to take action with those who need additional support
  • Monitor key aspects of well-being including intrapersonal well-being, the learning environment, and physical health
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Teaching & Learning Pulse

Schools will implement a wide variety of classroom configurations including full-time in-person classes, part-time in-person classes, completely virtual learning, or a combination of all of these models.

Success relies on delivering exceptional student, teacher, staff, and family experiences through real-time listening and action.

  • Quickly pulse with pre-built assessments validated by expert researchers and education practitioners
  • Identify safety protocols to implement and policies to adjust
  • View real-time results and trends to respond to student, family, and teacher sentiment about new classroom practices
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School Operations Pulse

Keep school operations running smoothly by tracking student, faculty, family, and staff sentiment on topics such as remote teaching and learning, hybrid learning, and the in-person school experience.

  • Continuously monitor and adapt to evolving expectations
  • Confirm that your response measures are effectively communicated and understood
  • Take targeted action to modify practices that are not working and celebrate systems that are working
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Symptom Checking and Contact Tracing

Symptom checking, via CDC-aligned self-certification, is the first step in identifying possible possible individual exposure and group hotspots.

Following up on those results is critical. Encourage and enable high-risk individuals or those who test positive to confidentially share whom they’ve been in contact with, and places they’ve been.

Build trust and take real measures to ensure student and staff safety with Qualtrics Symptom Checking and Contact Tracing, already being used in multiple states, municipalities, and education institutions.

  • Quickly and confidentially assess symptoms
  • Automatically notify those impacted with next steps
  • Provide daily notifications to monitor symptoms
  • Aggregate data and sentiment to identify trends and hotspots
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At Qualtrics, we’ve witnessed firsthand the power of schools adapting quickly to respond to COVID-19. Since its onset, Qualtrics has been used by thousands of educational institutions around the world to help leaders understand the impact of the pandemic and take concrete actions to address issues.

Based on best practices from our work with both public and private organizations, we have created a turnkey set of solutions to help you listen to students, families, faculty, and staff, use experience data to assess risk, and take appropriate actions to deliver on your educational mission.

Learn more about how Qualtrics can help you re-open safely.

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  • The Qualtrics XM Platform is ISO 27001 and FedRamp compliant. It is also HITRUST certified, which means its technology platform provides customers the tools they need to manage HIPAA compliance
  • Secure, unified data collection for aggregation and analysis by K-12 schools, Higher Education institutions, and education organizations
  • Trusted choice of more than 80 federal agencies and 300 state and local governments for sensitive public sector needs