You may already know that Qualtrics Research Suite has become the standard online survey software across academia—more than 1,300 universities worldwide. But in some universities (maybe yours!), many departments have their own Qualtrics licenses.

You could be missing out on the huge cost savings of having a site-wide license—typically a 30-40% savings.

Here’s an example from Utah State University (USU):

  • The university was spending 70% of a proposed site license, but getting the benefits for less than 20% of its faculty and staff.
  • By paying 30% more, they extended these benefits to 100% of faculty and staff, as well as 29,000 students. The decision was obvious, so they took the plunge!

USU standardized on Qualtrics to avoid a “haves and have-nots” scenario. It didn’t seem fair that some departments were using more economical (or free) survey tools with limited capabilities, while others had Qualtrics for their professional research.

Now USU has unlimited Qualtrics user accounts for all of its faculty, staff and students. Last year alone, about 533 users created more than 1,200 surveys by extending the license across the university. Not only that, but the university also takes great pride in sending its students into the professional market knowing how to use Qualtrics, which gives them a research edge.

According to Eric Hawley, CIO of USU, “The cost-effectiveness alone was compelling, but the huge increase in access and potential use was the larger story.”

With a centralized online survey technology approach, USU found that a win-win scenario for all its departments was within reach and within budget. A university-wide license not only extends the benefits of Qualtrics to everyone on campus, but also makes better financial sense!