Salesforce Survey Tool Integration with Qualtrics



The Qualtrics-Salesforce integration enables organizations to easily send and analyze surveys at every stage of the customer journey using either Salesforce workflow rules or ad-hoc events.

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With the Qualtrics-Salesforce integration, you can use surveys to capture leads, send transactional surveys based off Salesforce events, and send relationship surveys to lists of contacts or campaign members. You can also map all survey responses back to Salesforce so you can see survey data next to CRM data.



Surveys are sent based on Salesforce workflow rules you create and control.


Actionable Insights

Responses are displayed in a Vocalize dashboard contained in Salesforce or alongside your CRM data.


Responsive Design

Surveys are automatically formatted to look great on any device, regardless of screen size.


Ease of use

Qualtrics can be used during or after any touch point with the customer and workflow rules function with all objects including custom objects.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Create new leads based on survey responses.
  • Elevate the voice of your customer by posting survey responses, such as NPS scores and feedback, directly to Chatter.
  • Trigger surveys based off Salesforce workflow rules.
  • Create and send surveys to a list of contacts, leads, or campaign members from within Salesforce.
  • Automatically map responses into any object or field in Salesforce.
  • Connect Salesforce accounts in the same survey.
  • See your survey data next to CRM data.

Response Mapping

Response mapping allows anyone – not just Salesforce admins – to easily connect multiple Salesforce accounts within the same survey. Easily map data and responses from Qualtrics to Salesforce with a point-and-click interface. Response mapping even auto recommends how to map Qualtrics fields to Salesforce maps.

Add Task - Response Mapping

All you need to get started is a license to Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or Government Cloud and an active Qualtrics license.

Visit Qualtrics Support to learn more about how to deploy the Salesforce Integration