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Slack + Qualtrics

The Qualtrics app for Slack helps organizations gain and act on insights faster.
Responses from Qualtrics surveys can be instantly directed to individuals and channels in Slack.

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Improve how you and your team share and act on insights with the Slack + Qualtrics app and integration

Using Slack + Qualtrics allows you to:

  • 1

    Create mini surveys in slack with up to 5 answer options

  • 2

    Send your Slack surveys to any Slack channel

  • 3

    Receive responses from your Slack surveys with refreshing every 10 seconds or less

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Using the Slack + Qualtrics Insight Platform integration allows you to:

  • 1

    Disseminate important feedback and information faster. Rather than sending email notifications that can go unread/unanswered for days, key stakeholders receive instant notification.

  • 2

    Coordinate and direct action. Based on how a customer responds to a survey, individuals or channels can be notified. Different conditions and responses can lead to different assignments, ensuring customer feedback gets to the right person or people.

  • 3

    Connect any number of surveys. Regardless of the length, complexity or quantity of surveys in the Insights Platform, you can connect with Slack to fit your needs.