Website Feedback Surveys

Website Feedback Surveys

What are Website Feedback Surveys?

Website feedback is simply gathering insights from your online visitors through your website. There are many ways to execute surveys via your website but a few of the most proven methods include: feedback links, visitor intercepts and in-page surveys. Website feedback surveys help you listen to your online visitors by engaging with them in-the-moment, during important interaction periods. This ability to capture real-time feedback about your business at key interaction points provides organizations critical insights that highlight key opportunities for improvement. Gathering feedback via your website is often part of a multi-channel Voice of the Customer program and aims to feed customer insights into the business.

Why are Website Feedback Surveys Important?

Today’s consumers rely heavily on websites to get the information they need regarding your products and services. Your website is your digital front door and is a valuable piece in serving customers. When you fall short of customer expectations, you need to know. Website feedback surveys give you a direct line to what your customers are thinking and feeling while engaging with your brand through your website. It’s one of the best ways to quickly and easily get into your customer’s mind to discover problems, measure satisfaction and provide an outlet for comments.

Imagine that a potential customer walks into your store intending to buy a certain item. This person wanders around searching for 15 minutes, spends another five minutes looking for a store associate and finally walks out frustrated. The person then talks to a friend and shares the awful experience and proceeds to buy the same item from one of your competitors.

This simple example has been happening for decades in the brick-and-mortar environment and it’s now happening every day on your website. Customers come to your site for a reason, and it’s your job to make it easy for them to find what they need. This is why a website feedback function is so important.

Website feedback surveys go beyond the quantitative nature of web analytics by providing both a forum for suggestions and a channel for customer insight. Web analytics tools are good for providing the “whats” behind customer behavior (e.g., traffic paths, time on page, product preferences, etc.), while website feedback surveys provide the “whys” (e.g., through targeted surveys, open-text comment boxes, etc.). Collecting feedback via your website is one of the most effective and scalable ways to optimize customer experience by connecting website visitors with business owners.

Best Practices for Using Website Feedback Surveys

Most of your customers will visit your business through your website at some point, so it’s worth investing in continuous improvements to make sure your customers have a great experience. Here are three suggestions to help you ramp up your website feedback efforts:

  1. Learn: Each contact with a visitor is an opportunity to learn and improve. Your visitors, shoppers and customers have opinions and comments that can impact your business. By opening up the feedback spigot, you are creating a stream of customer insights that, if managed well, can propel your brand ahead of the competition.
  2. Resolve: Not every customer is going to have a perfect experience every time – it’s unavoidable. The trick is to give customers a channel where they feel confident their voice is being heard. Effective website feedback surveys make it easy for customers to share frustrations and enable brands to quickly respond.
  3. Convert: Every website has the ultimate goal of conversion. For e-commerce sites, it’s shopping cart checkouts; for software customers, it’s software registrations; and for content sites, it’s page views. Website feedback surveys help you uncover the insights to drive conversion by collecting qualitative data about your business that you couldn’t get otherwise.

How Qualtrics Makes Website Feedback Surveys Easy

Website feedback surveys can be one of the fastest and most effective ways to move the needle in your organization. By opening up a direct feedback channel to your visitors, you can start incorporating customer feedback immediately and improving your customer relationships.

Qualtrics is the world’s leading enterprise survey technology provider. With Qualtrics Site Intercept, you can gather website visitor feedback with an easy-to-use, point-and-click platform. After placing one snippet of code on your website, you won’t need any more help from IT. You’ll love the ability to make website changes on the fly and manage your feedback process from start to finish. Request a demo today or sign up for a free account to see how Qualtrics Site Intercept can help you launch website feedback surveys.

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