Customer Satisfaction Research

Customer satisfaction surveys help researchers understand what customers think about a brand and why they’ve formed those opinions.

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Understanding customer sentiment helps organizations identify unhappy customers, improve their internal processes, fine-tune their product and service offerings, increase share of wallet, and increase customer retention and advocacy.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Organizations rely on various methods to track customer satisfaction and loyalty. Many utilize customer experience management software to continuously collect, analyze, and monitor customer data. Many also run customer satisfaction research on a project-by-project basis, relying on various research methods and question types like CSAT, customer effort scoring, PSAT, and Net Promoter Score®.

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Net Promoter® Score, commonly referred to as NPS®, is a customer loyalty metric that gauges how willing a customer is to recommend a product or service. It’s commonly used as either an alternative or supplement to customer satisfaction measurement.

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Website feedback surveys

Website feedback surveys allow you to gather insights from your website visitors in the form of feedback links or intercepts. While website feedback and research can be used for many projects, such as building shopper profiles and usability studies, website feedback is most often utilized as part of a multichannel Voice of the Customer program.

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