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Bain NPS Prism

NPS Prism provides Net Promoter Scores from tens of thousands of customers at the episode level, so you can determine where you’re strong, where you lag, and how to prioritize to create optimal customer journeys.

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Net Promoter Score

NPS Prism is a breakthrough benchmarking tool from Bain & Company powered by Qualtrics. It captures tens of thousands of Net Promoter responses, from customers who do business with you and with your competitors. Because it captures feedback on every episode along their journey you can discover what customers like, what they don’t like, and, most important, why. NPS Prism puts the power of data and analytics into your hands so you can build the best possible customer experience.

NPS Prism provides you with the episode-level insights you need to:

  • Model financial impacts of various CX initiatives
  • Scan customer feedback in their own words, to understand exactly how they feel about their interactions
  • Prioritize your development projects to focus on those with the biggest impact
  • Look outside your industry for additional sources of insight

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Insights to help you prioritize customer episode design.
  2. Understanding of how you compare to your competitors on specific steps of the customer journey
  3. Detailed customer feedback, including verbatim comments
  4. Continually updated NPS benchmarks to guide ongoing customer experience efforts

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A unique benchmarking database

  • Tens of thousands of customer NPS responses
  • See how you compare to competitors on the interactions that matter most to customers
  • Drill down to understand customer sentiment in their own words
  • Database continually updated
  • Expanding to cover new geographies and industries

Deep industry expertise

  • NPS Prism was created by Bain & Company, inventors of the Net Promoter Score® and Net Promoter System®
  • Bain has worked with hundreds of companies on customer loyalty programs that incorporate NPS.
  • That same expertise is at the heart of this unmatched benchmarking service

What You Get

NPS Prism gives you the detailed data you need to prioritize your customer experience development projects so you can enhance the interactions that matter most to your customers and become a customer experience leader.

Easy to Use Dashboards

  • Intuitive interface displays four critical categories of benchmarks
  • Quickly spot and quantify gaps between your company and individual competitors
  • Model financial impact of specific actions
  • See customer verbatims to get a clear picture of what customers do and don’t like

NPS Prism is designed for CMOs, CCOs and senior leaders focused on customer experience (CX) issues, providing the essential, detailed data than can drive a consensus strategy on establishing and executing the right CX initiatives.

Subscription Flexibility

Platinum, gold and silver levels let you tailor a subscription to your needs.

Additional Resources

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  4. How to measure NPS

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