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Ad Testing Report

Validate advertising concepts and creative executions by testing them with a sample of your target audience. With Qualtrics CoreXM, you can identify which print, video, and digital ads resonate and will likely drive sales, and which ads fail to connect or negatively impact your brand.

  • Predict the effect on purchase intent
  • Launch new ad campaigns with confidence
  • Understand how your brand is perceived
  • Get the highest ROI for your ad spend

Test ads with ease

All the ad testing tools you need on a single platform

Evaluate all types of ads — from audio and video files to text and image concepts — without switching between different tools.

Engage your audience on their terms

Qualtrics makes it easy to cater your advertising research to your chosen audience with multi-channel distribution. From emails to mobile to social, you can reach your audience anytime, anywhere.

Discover ad sentiment instantly

Save time through automation. Often the richest insights about your ads are hidden deep within open text comments. Leverage our machine learning tools to automatically understand key topics and sentiment.

Start improving your ads today

Survey design made simple

Leverage an intuitive interface to design your ad testing survey. Qualtrics CoreXM includes 100+ question types to customize your respondents’ survey experience. Whether it’s text highlighting to gauge reactions to ad copy, or interactive questions, like hot spot or heat map, Qualtrics offers numerous ways to engage your prospects so you can uncover valuable insights about what is working — or not — with your ads.

Advanced text analytics at your fingertips

Spend your time refining your ads, not reading through text comments. With just a few clicks, you’ll discover the overall reactions and impressions of your ad — including key topics and sentiments. Instantly understand which topics (like imagery or wording) to refine to ensure your next ad iteration has the greatest impact.

Instantly find respondents for your ad testing

Finding the right audience to test your ads has never been easier. If your audience requires basic demographing, we can generate a panel of respondents for you instantly. Looking for a specific audience? We can provide that for you, too.

What is Ad Testing?

Advertising research, often referred to as ad testing, aims to determine an ad’s effectiveness based on consumer responses, feedback, and behavior. This can be done on a piece-by-piece basis, or it can be done with periodic or continuous in-market research that monitors the performance of a campaign over time.

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  • Investigación de posicionamiento de marca
  • Evaluación de campañas
  • Seguimiento de marca
  • Análisis de competidores
  • Investigación de valor de marca