Ad Testing

How To Run A Successful Ad Testing Program

Give your advertising the best chance of success with a robust, insight-driven testing process. Find out how to run your ad testing program

Why Test Your Ad?

It’s not simply a matter of spend. Ad testing can help make sure your advertisement resonates with your target audience, leading to better conversion rates and helping to cement your brand and boost the positive associations that come with it.

Define Your Goal

First things first: What do you want your ad to achieve? Is it raising awareness of a new product? Driving more sales of an existing product? Promoting your brand?

To test your ad’s performance, you first need to have a clear picture of what success will look like.

Test Before, During and After Launch

Pre-testing ad concepts can help you make sure your campaign starts on the right note and avoid costly pitfalls, while in-flight monitoring of a campaign shows you the performance arc across its lifecycle, helping you pinpoint where conversions occurred and how sentiment and purchase decisions evolve over time in response to your ad.

To test an ad concept, you should work with a pre-selected segment of your audience that represents the target group for the campaign. For example, people in a particular age group, those in specific job roles, or a combination of qualifying criteria.

This group can then be surveyed to see how they respond to different versions of an ad, or different ad concepts.


Feed Insights Back Into Your Design Process

You can further hone your ad concept by iterating it through multiple rounds of testing, and tweaking it in response to what your audience is telling you. These iterative results are valuable in the longer-term too – they can help steer your creative team away from ideas that weren’t successful in testing and focus them on what works well for a given audience.

Types of Tests

There are various types of advertisement test, falling into three broad categories:


Tests which gauge how effectively an ad performs on key communications metrics like Ad Recall, Service Attributes and Communicating Benefits.


Measuring how effectively an ad changes perceptions and opinions through metrics like Persuasion, Personal Values and Higher Order Values testing.


You can test the success of campaigns intended to drive actions, such as purchasing, using Response and Ad Effectiveness tests.


Advertising is a key part of your branding strategy. Learn how to track your brand awareness for optimum business outcomes.


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