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Go from media provider to experience leader

Reach new audiences and go beyond what you thought possible, with Experience Management (XM). The world’s best media companies use XM to understand exactly what customers want, so they can deliver content that people can’t get enough of.

Design experiences that drive revenue and renewals

Understand how your customer, product, brand, and employee experiences impact everything, from your revenue to your renewals.
The Qualtrics Experience Management Platform™ helps broadcasters and publishers grow and retain audiences, increase revenue, and create the unique content viewers and readers demand.

We work with world-class media publishers and broadcasters to understand and continuously improve the experiences they provide for their customers, employees, products, and brand.

Qualtrics Customer XM™

From content to experience, on demand

Understand the key drivers of the customer experience, from the content you deliver to the services that support it, so you can make sure that the experience is right. Every time.

You’ll be able to see the actions you need to take to increase revenue, reduce churn and keep customers coming back for more. With a full suite of customer experience tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to make powerful predictions about your customers’ behavior and step in quickly to close the loop and improve the experience.

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4 benefits of CustomerXM

  1. Capture feedback at every point in the journey from online and in-app to offline feedback, so you know exactly where you need to improve, and how
  2. Improve loyalty with customer churn predictions and closed-loop management so you can easily step in and keep your customers for longer
  3. Share the right information, with the right teams in real-time, so they’re empowered to take actions that will improve the experience
  4. Get up and running in no time with expert-designed, purpose-built products for the entire organisation, from your contact center to your digital team
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Get ahead of issues before they arise

With AI-powered recommendations from iQ, you’ll be able to identify trends worth capitalising on and fix issues before they arise, helping you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Experience management reports on tablet and mobile

Easy to use

Deliver industry-leading experiences straight away with certified XM solutions. Ready-to-use, straight out of the box, these are designed by experts to help you quickly and easily launch the right CX program for your needs — regardless of your technical acumen or research skills.

Customer satisfaction report by region

Turn data into action

Role-based dashboards, intuitive interfaces, and action planning tools are available for your entire organisation. It helps simplify data analysis and makes optimising the customer experience part of the daily routine.

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Qualtrics Employee XM™

World-class employee experiences mean world-class business results

Understand what’s important to your employees and develop the programs and processes needed to create a world-class workplace. With tools such as employee 360 reviews, regular and ad-hoc surveys, and onboarding and exit insights, you’ll turn data into action; and employees into ambassadors.

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4 benefits of EmployeeXM

  1. Managers have instant access to real-time insights oso they can take action quickly and make improvements in the moments that matter
  2. Get new hires up to speed faster by optimising the onboarding experience based on employee feedback
  3. Build a more engaged and productive workforce using 360 employee reviews and self-assessment evaluations
  4. Deliver tangible business results by identifying and closing gaps in your training programs
Employee engagement solution selection

Access to experts, every step of the way

You’ll have access to a team of experts to guide you through program design, analytics, action planning, and reporting, as well as a library of pre-built programs designed by experts.

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Link employee experience to customer outcomes

Track how investments in your employee experience directly impact customer outcomes, empowering you to optimise programs, identify priorities, and efficiently allocate resources.

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Tailored actions, maximum impact

Deliver the right feedback, to the right managers, at the right times, and empower them to improve the experience and performance of the people they interact with day-to-day.

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Qualtrics Product XM™

Personalised viewer experiences made simple

Personalisation is one of the key battlegrounds for broadcasters and publishers. In a world inundated by information, consumers are more selective than ever about the content they consume. Winning their attention requires content tailored to their interests and marketing communications that speak to unique personas.

With the Qualtrics ProductXM™ you can quickly collect reliable data that empowers you to deliver the personalised experiences audiences demand, understand which content will have the highest chance of success, who to target, what to charge for subscriptions, how to stand out from your competition, and more.

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4 benefits of ProductXM

  1. Target the right audiences based on profile information, demographics, and previous interactions
  2. Rapidly A/B test ads and pinpoint audience preferences to increase ad revenue
  3. Optimise subscription pricing models, and understand the value attached to unique products and services
  4. Collect feedback across all platforms and use up-to-date real market data to drive business decisions
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Products designed for the customer

Improve your products and services and drive revenue, engagement, and loyalty - all by capturing and taking action on audience feedback.

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Be first to market

In an industry where speed is everything, streamlined product development is crucial. Shorten production cycles by rapidly capturing and seamlessly sharing the right information with the right teams so they can take action.

Survey distribution tool

Know your audience

With access to over 40 million market research respondents you can have total confidence that your audience, product, and pricing strategy is correct.

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Expert-designed product experience solutions

Qualtrics Brand XM™

Stand out in a crowded market

We consume media 24/7, wherever we go, and media brands can’t afford to switch off. Stay ahead of the competition and monitor the health of your brand with comprehensive brand tracking, ad testing, and customer segmentation. Get a real-time view of your performance so that you can ensure you stay true to your mission, and become a leader in the market.

Audience clapping

4 benefits of BrandXM

  1. Identify key market shifts and emerging trends to capitalise on emerging opportunities
  2. Understand why audiences choose you with customised brand studies
  3. Drive brand consistency across the complete channel mix with online and offline feedback
  4. Optimise audience engagement using A/B testing to launch new campaigns
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Know what it takes to succeed

Automatically identify and prioritise your key drivers of brand experience, from price, product, support, service quality, and much more.

brand vitals report

Track brand performance in real-time

Analyse competitors and key market shifts to capitalise on opportunities related to product quality, price perceptions, and competitor strength. And keep a pulse on how your brand is performing in real-time, so you can be sure that your strategy is working.

brand research report

Expert designed, easy to use

Tried, tested, and trusted methodologies and programs designed by brand experts empower you to take control of your brand strategy and make business decisions based on real-time metrics.

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