Topic: Javascript

AngularJS: Performance Optimization with One-time Bindings

If you’ve ever developed a complex single page application using AngularJS (1.x.x), you will have undoubtedly struggled with laggy UI updates. AngularJS’s two-way binding, while it certainly elimi...


How to Think Full-Stack

I’d like to share some thoughts on what it means to be a full-stack developer and how to think full-stack while building a web application. But first, a disclaimer: I wouldn’t call myself a ful...


Migrating Legacy JS to TypeScript

At Qualtrics nothing can be said to be certain except death, taxes, and absurd quarterly growth. Enter TypeScript, a powerful tool for growing JavaScript codebases. I am going to talk about why we cho...


A Node developer’s perspective on Java promises

Transitioning from a callback-based NodeJS world into Java, I was surprised to find similar support for asynchronous computation in Java 8. Java is known for being a blocking language, so methods for ...


One Team, One Community

At Qualtrics, we are one team. This means we collaborate. We teach. We mentor. We learn from one another. When the team wins, we all win, so we’re invested in the growth of our teammates. This p...


End-to-end testing Angular web apps with Protractor

You’ve completed your Angular web app and have released it for the world to consume. Congrats! But now comes the hard part: as you gain web traffic, customers are bound to suggest features to make y...


Tuning AngularJS for Performance

Introduction Qualtrics adopted the use of AngularJS in 2014 when we started building out our Vocalize product. Our goal was to select a framework that would allow us to prototype quickly while buildi...


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