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Instructure Integration

Attention: This integration is currently supported by Instructure. For questions or problems, please open a ticket with Canvas Support.


The Instructure integration allows you to quickly attach Qualtrics surveys to assignments in Instructure’s Canvas. Once a survey is attached to an assignment, students in that course can take the survey assignment within Canvas and automatically receive a grade that is stored in their gradebook. In addition to survey assignments, you can also send out a survey that is not associated with an assignment to every user enrolled in the course.

Qtip: The Qualtrics-Instructure integration is an add-on feature not included in the standard Qualtrics license. Please contact your Qualtrics Account Executive for more information and to enable this add-on in your Canvas environment.
Qtip: Users must have their own Qualtrics account and surveys before attaching a Qualtrics survey to a Canvas Assignment. Reference the Survey Platform Overview support page to learn how to get started with creating Qualtrics surveys.

Getting Started

Once the Canvas Integration has been enabled for your brand, there are a couple of steps you’ll need to go through to set up the integration in your Canvas account:

  1. Generate an API token in Qualtrics.
  2. Enter your account credentials in Canvas

Generating an API Token

  1. Click the silhouette in the upper right corner of your account and choose Account Settings.
  2. Click Qualtrics Ids.
  3. If there is no API token, click Generate to receive a token.  


Warning: If there is already an API token listed for you, do not generate another one. If you are unable to generate a token, contact your Qualtrics Administrator. If you do not know your administrator, contact Qualtrics Support.

Entering your Qualtrics Credentials in Canvas

From the course navigation bar in Canvas, select Qualtrics.image02If this is your first time using the integration, you will be prompted to enter your Qualtrics username and password.

Standard Qualtrics Login

Enter your Qualtrics username and password.image04

Single Sign On (SSO) Qualtrics Login

  1. Log in to your Qualtrics account on a computer.
  2. Click the silhouette in top right of the screen and select Account Settings.
  3. Look at the account access log and copy your full username
  4. Generate a Qualtrics-specific password for connecting your Qualtrics account to Canvas. Contact your Qualtrics Administrator for a password reset to create a password for setting up the integration. Alternatively, go to, enter the above username and click the Forgot? button to generate a password reset email automatically. 

Once you have linked your Qualtrics account, a contact list containing all students enrolled in your course will be created within your Qualtrics account. Updates to the course enrollment will be pushed to the Qualtrics contact list every 6 hours.


If you receive an error message similar to the one above when trying to connect Canvas with Qualtrics, please verify two things:

  1. Make sure you are logging in with the correct username and password. If your organization uses SSO, see the SSO Login section above.
  2. Make sure your Qualtrics account has API access and has generated an API token.

If you are receiving an error message similar to the one above, please verify that you are logging in to the correct Qualtrics account. This error indicates that the account you are trying to connect with does not have an integration setup with Canvas.

Removing the Linked Qualtrics User

No more than one Qualtrics account can be linked to a course at a time. If you need to remove the linked user, navigate to Qualtrics from the course navigation bar and then select Remove User.  Note that this will detach all surveys from their associated assignments.

Attaching Surveys to Assignments in Canvas

Surveys attached to assignments can be taken by students within the Canvas environment and automatically graded. A survey must be created within Qualtrics before an assignment is created in Canvas. To attach a survey, do the following:

  1. Open Course by clicking on the Course card on the dashboard
  2. Open Assignments by clicking on the Assignments link in Course Navigation
  3. Click the Assignment button within Canvas to create a new assignment.
  4. Add assignment details such as the name of the assignment and a description.
  5. Enter the number of points for this assignment. Note that this number must match the total number of points set up in Qualtrics Scoring.
  6. Choose a Grading Type. The following grade types are supported by the integration:Complete/IncompleteTo configure a complete/incomplete survey assignment, do not apply scoring to the Qualtrics survey. Create a Canvas assignment with no points assigned and select the Complete/Incomplete option from the Display Grade As dropdown menu.Points, Percentage, or GradedTo configure a scored survey assignment, apply scoring to the Qualtrics survey. Create a Canvas assignment with an equivalent amount of points as the Qualtrics survey scoring total and select the Points, Percentage, or Letter Grade option from the Display Grade As dropdown menu.
  7. Set the submission type to External Tool and click Find.
  8. From the list of external tools, click on Qualtrics LTI and then click Select to save your selection.
  9. Save and Publish your assignment.

Choose a survey from your Qualtrics account to attach to the assignment.

Qtip: Only active surveys that you are the owner of can be attached to assignments.
Qtip: If points are not assigned to a survey assignment it will be graded as Complete/Incomplete.

View Attached Survey/Detach Survey

Once the above steps are completed, a confirmation will show that the survey has successfully attached to the assignment. An option to detach the survey appears. A survey can only be attached to one assignment at a time. A survey must be detached from an assignment before assigning it to another.

Qtip: Once a survey has been attached to an assignment, it cannot be attached to another assignment until it has been detached from the original assignment. If you detach a survey from one assignment, the student’s score will remain as originally scored in the original assignment.
Qtip: If you delete an assignment before detaching the survey the survey will not be available for other surveys. The survey must be detached from an assignment before an assignment is deleted.

Sending a Survey Not Attached to an Assignment

  1. Navigate to Qualtrics using the course navigation bar.
  2. Select a survey from the dropdown menu.
  3. Specify if you want to send the survey to your entire course or only certain individuals. Write a subject and message and then click Send to distribute your survey invites. These invites will be delivered to students’ Canvas inboxes, as well as the students’ email addresses.

    Qtip: Check the “Send messages individually” option to send individual emails. This will prevent students from seeing who else was invited to the survey.

Proceed to Qualtrics via Canvas

If you have not created a Qualtrics survey that you want to connect to a Canvas assignment, you’ll need to login to Qualtrics to create one. There are two options to complete this: (1) Login to Qualtrics using your normal login process or (2) login to Qualtrics via Canvas.

To navigate via Canvas:

  1. Select Qualtrics from the Course Navigation bar.
  2. Login if it is your first time using the integration.
  3. Click the Create Survey/View Results button.
  4. Click the Proceed button. A new browser tab will open redirecting you to your Qualtrics brand login page.
Qtip: Users must create their own Qualtrics accounts and surveys before attaching a Qualtrics survey to a Canvas assignment. Reference the Survey Platform Overview support page to learn how to get started with creating Qualtrics surveys.

Removing Users

Only one Qualtrics account can be attached to a Canvas course. Removing your user will detach all surveys owned by your user from assignments. This will not remove any student grades for completed surveys. To remove a user:

  1. From the course navigation bar in canvas, select Qualtrics
  2. In the Qualtrics Control Panel select Remove User
  3. Confirm you want to remove the user