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Topic: Culture

How we interview in Engineering at Qualtrics

At Qualtrics, we work hard to cultivate our engineering culture.  As part of our hiring process, we assess whether or not we believe that candidates will make a positive impact on our organization. W...

By Evan Child

Don’t Scrap it: Building a QE Ecosystem the Scrappy Way

I joined Qualtrics about two years ago. At the time our Quality Engineering team had 6 people. It has since expanded to about 30. Over the same time period the total number of employees at Qualtrics h...

By Derek Nielsen

Qvolution, the Qualtrics Hackathon

I’ve been in the technology industry for 20+ years, and in that time, the hackathon has entered the common vernacular that is used in software development. The core idea behind hackathons themse...

By John Thimsen

One Team, One Community

At Qualtrics, we are one team. This means we collaborate. We teach. We mentor. We learn from one another. When the team wins, we all win, so we’re invested in the growth of our teammates. This p...

By Erin Leonhard

Is your team’s new engineer ready to take on-call? Use wargames for training

At Qualtrics, our engineering organization is expanding rapidly. For my team, Text Analytics, we’ve gone from four to eight members in less than six months and there are more coming. As team members...

By Jeffrey Starr

Growth and Real Estate

It’s hard to believe how much the Qualtrics Engineering organization has grown since I’ve joined. We've added close to 150 folks into Engineering over the last 24 months, and we're aiming on track...

By John Thimsen

Startup Software Engineering Internship… in Provo, Utah?

Let me tell you something. I did not expect to see myself taking a software engineering internship in Provo, a city many people I know don’t even recognize. I’m just a suburban boy from Illinois w...

By Berwin Xie

Why I’m (still) at Qualtrics

I joined Qualtrics in February of 2015 after spending 10 incredible years at Amazon, where I was a Director of Engineering who had just finished launching the Echo product. At Amazon I learned how the...

By John Thimsen

Announcing the Qualtrics Engineering Blog

Today we're excited to announce the launch of the Qualtrics Engineering Blog: "Stacks and Q's".  We will publish new content every two weeks, covering topics from system design to operational excelle...

By John Thimsen

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