Announcing the Qualtrics Engineering Blog

Today we're excited to announce the launch of the Qualtrics Engineering Blog: "Stacks and Q's".  We will publish new content every two weeks, covering topics from system design to operational excellence. There are two primary goals for the blog:

  1. We would like to share what it's like to work on the Qualtrics Engineering team. We think it's a pretty special place, and given that we're still growing rapidly, we'd love to hire great engineers who will help us solve hard problems and advance our culture.
  2. We would like to share learnings. Over the last two years, we've tripled the engineering team at Qualtrics in response to the underlying business growth and the opportunities we see ahead of us. Along the way, we've learned some hard lessons, and by sharing learnings we hope that other teams who are solving similar challenges can learn from the paths we've chosen or discarded.

To get the blog started, let me start by giving you a little background about me, why I’m at Qualtrics, and the vision I see for the team in the years ahead.

People frequently ask me “Why did you leave Amazon to join Qualtrics?” I answered this question when I joined 18 months ago, but I thought it was worthwhile talking about why I’m still here.

John Thimsen // VP, Engineering at Qualtrics

John joined Qualtrics in February 2015. Prior to Qualtrics, John spent 10 years at Amazon in various roles, most recently as an Engineering Director on the Amazon Echo team. His previous experience includes Microsoft, Active Voice Corporation, and Openwave. John's career has been focused on building large-scale web-based products that impact millions of users, including recommendation systems, consumer hardware products, and e-commerce products. Working at Qualtrics is a continuation of that trend, as Qualtric's SaaS based insights platform helps companies gain insights into their employees, markets, and users. John has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Washington. He is a long-time Seattle resident, and enjoys biking and snowboarding.

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