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Marley Spoon + Qualtrics

Marley Spoon profits from a combination of Customer and and Employee Experience programs


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Combining CX and EX approaches


Berlin-based meal kit provider Marley Spoon supplies customers in eight countries with high-quality food. In 2023, around 307,000 customers regularly ordered Marley Spoon’s meal kits. The company strives to create an outstanding user experience by cleverly combining CX and EX. Following the successful implementation of Customer Experience (CX), an Employee Experience (EX) program was launched and is being continuously developed further in close collaboration with Qualtrics. Marley Spoon has around 1,900 employees.

Marley Spoon profits from a combination of CX and EX programs

CX: From zero to one hundred

Until 2019, Marley Spoon had little experience in customer experience management (CEM). The company then implemented the basics of a Customer Experience (CX) program, which became more complex and comprehensive as requirements increased. In the meantime, Marley Spoon’s CX program has not only won several awards, but also enjoys a high status within the company. The program’s dashboards give managers the opportunity to access data in real time and quickly identify necessary areas for action. As a result, measuring customer satisfaction is now one of the main pillars of the overall corporate strategy.

EX program profits from lessons learned in CX

Following the successful implementation of CX, Marley Spoon has now also launched an Employee Experience (EX) program together with Qualtrics. The company uses this program to measure, on a quarterly basis, employee satisfaction with onboarding and offboarding as well as with the company in general. The program is to be developed further, as it is valued and promoted within the company, thanks to the success of the CX program.

Great interest in customer and employee experience

While it initially took some convincing to make Marley Spoon’s management see the value of introducing a comprehensive CX program, customer and employee satisfaction data is now given high priority. The Qualtrics dashboards have already been accessed more than 9,000 times – with a rising trend.

Why Qualtrics?

Relationship at eye level

As Marley Spoon did not have many years of experience with CX/EX programs and the company approached the topic with a start-up mentality, it was important for the meal kit provider to build something together with a partner at eye level. Qualtrics precisely met this requirement.

Individual customization of the systems

For Marley Spoon, a customizable approach is one of the most important factors in the implementation of management systems. Working with Qualtrics allows for the customer and employee surveys to be tailored to the company’s specific needs.

Role-based dashboards

Thanks to Qualtrics’ role-based dashboards, data from the surveys is shared in a targeted manner with those directly responsible. This ensures that sensitive data can only be viewed by an authorised group of people. 

Katalin Fritz, Chief Customer & People Officer at Marley Spoon

Katalin Fritz

Chief Customer & People Officer at Marley Spoon

I absolutely love it and I'm still very impressed that we're looking at this relationship with Qualtrics as a mutual discovery, building something together and tailoring it to our needs.

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